Research Assistant Positions

The department offers several RAII positions for 2nd year MA students to consider. Please review the job descriptions below. 

Please note that the deadline to apply for Research Assistantships is the end of Fall semester. Please submit both your preference form and a CV/Resume.

RA Positions:

ENG 0990 Instructor (Prout)/ESOL Program Assistant- Fall and/or Spring

MAR Fiction Editor - Fall and/or Spring

MAR Managing Editor - Spring Semester

MAR Winter Wheat Assistant - Fall Semester

UWP Program Assistants

Additional Employment Positions:

  • For Summer Research Assistant Positions outside the department, please check the Graduate College's website regularly to see postings:

  • Students should also check Handshake via their MyBGSU web portal for any hourly positions available on campus.  Students who have assistantships can work up to 8 supplemental hours during the academic year, and more during the summer.  For more information about Handshake, check out the Student Employment Services website:

Updated: 06/21/2023 04:00PM