Creative Writing Reading Series
Virtual Prout

This week's Virtual Prout features Michelle Bellman (Fiction) and Alison Mejias Santoro (Poetry)!

Join us Thursday, October 22 at 7:30pm!

Prout Silde  Michelle   Alison

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T.W.I.T. (Teaching with Instructional Technology) Workshop
Multimodal Student Feedback

The Digital Pedagogy Collective presents the second T.W.I.T.* session of the fall semester!

(*T.W.I.T. stands for Teaching with Instructional Technology.)


Thursday, October 22nd, 10:45-11:30am, Online at:

Passcode: 475739

In this hands-on technology session, we’ll explore multimodal feedback options, including audio recordings, video feedback, and text-to-speech options for providing student comments. These options can not only make commenting easier for instructors, but it can also help students get more and better feedback in less time.

For audio feedback, we’ll look at Audacity, an audio editor for PC and Mac – please download if you would like to try it along with us!

For video feedback, we’ll look at video recording options available with your stock Mac or PC and Canvas Studio.

For text-to-speech comments, you’ll want to have a Google account set up prior to the session.

Let’s try it out together! Please feel free to email or if you would like to volunteer to present for future TWIT sessions or create TWIT mini-videos for our YouTube channel!

TWIT 10222020 

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21st Century Englishes Conference
Essay Contest

Essay Contest 21st

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