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Paul D. Coverdell Peace Corps Fellows Program

One of the largest and most diverse departments on campus, the English Department fosters an environment of critical thinking, creative expression, and cross-cultural understanding. We are a part of The Paul D. Coverdell Peace Corps Fellows Program at BGSU and offer two different face-to-face graduate programs for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) to consider:

When enrolled in one of these programs, RPCV students also have the opportunity to pursue a graduate certificate in:

The English Department provides a welcoming environment that supports Coverdell Fellows as they work to meet the Third Goal of the Peace Corps:to provide opportunities for Americans to better understand people and cultures of other countries.

Within the department, many Fellows work with Cross-Cultural Conversation Connection (CCCC), a program that connects American and International students in small conversation groups to promote cultural understanding.  Additionally, the department can assist and coordinate internships that allow Fellows to work with marginalized populations in nearby rural and urban settings in Northwest Ohio.


To help face-to-face students achieve their degree goals, graduate assistantships are available, and include:

  • A 100% tuition scholarship
  • A waiver of the non-resident fee for students from outside of Ohio during the first year of study
  • A graduate stipend
  • Application fee waiver for RCVPs (see below under Admission Requirements)

Students receiving a graduate assistantship will in most cases teach in BGSU’s University Writing Program. Creative Writing Masters students have the opportunity to teach undergraduate Creative Writing courses in their second year. Additional non-teaching positions are also available.


BGSU enthusiastically supports Coverdell Fellows. Visit the BGSU Graduate College Coverdell page for more information about the program and current and former Fellows.


Application materials vary slightly depending on the program. Below are links to the application information pages for each degree:

Application Fee Waiver: The application fee for all Coverdell applicants is waived. Please indicate in your application that you are a RPCV to receive this benefit.

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