The Inter-University Council Insurance Consortium (IUC-IC) was formed in 1998 by a majority of Ohio's public colleges and universities in order to realize benefits from the group purchase of property and liability insurance. Through collaboration and cooperation, participating in a pooled insurance arrangement allows the institutions to reduce the impact of underwriting, pricing, servicing, and coverage limitations. 



The following is a brief summary of the IUC-IC coverage. The summary is not intended to provide limits, deductibles or premium information.

Provides damage protection for university owned, leased, loaned, or rented vehicles.

Provides bodily injury and property damage protection for claims arising from the operation of university vehicles. It also provides excess liability coverage for employees using personal vehicles for university business.

Provides protection against employee theft, forgery/alteration, robbery, computer fraud, etc.

Provide protection against privacy and network security liability, extortion, property loss, and loss of revenue from a cyber breach. Also, provides assistance with defense and fines, as well as breach response

Provides protection for legal defense costs and settlement amounts/expenses for liability claims made for actual or alleged errors, misstatements, acts, omissions, etc.

Provides protection against general liability exposures outside the United States.

Provides protection subject to varying terms, conditions and limits for bodily injury and property damage, personal injury liability, advertising injury liability and medical expenses.

Provides protection to employees  for acts or omissions within the course and scope of their duties related to the conduct of university business. Students participating in university-sponsored internships and practicums are also covered.

Provides protection subject to varying terms, conditions and limits for bodily injury, property damage, and medical expenses associated with non-owned aircraft.

Provides protection for the physical loss or damage to property in which the University has an insurable interest and the cause of which is the result of an insured peril.

Provides protection for hijacking, wrongful detention, and kidnaped ransom/extortion.


Student Internships and Practicums

Students participating in university-sponsored internship and practicum programs are covered under the University’s General Liability policy, and Healthcare Professional Liability policy for those in Allied Health professions, while operating within the scope of their professional and educational duties.

The General Liability policy evidences $5,000,000 in coverage for each occurrence, with a $5,000,000 annual aggregate.

The Healthcare Professional Liability policy provides $1,000,000 in coverage for each medical incident per member, with a $3,000,000 aggregate per member, per year. Claims made exclusively against a student or students carry a $0 deductible.

Students are also covered for $5,000,000 each incident in Automobile Liability coverage. This is primary coverage when driving a university-owned vehicle. This coverage is secondary to the owner’s coverage when driving a vehicle owned by the training facility. When driving a personal vehicle for work or educational duties, the personal insurance of the vehicle owner is primary.

This coverage is in effect for all students participating in a university-sponsored internship or practicum any time throughout the academic program, as defined through written agreement, and coverage is not limited only to the internship/practicum course semester.      

Many clinical training facilities require evidence of coverage before students can enter for training. Certificates of Insurance can be provided by the Risk Management department.

For any questions regarding insurance coverage, or to request a Certificate of Insurance, contact the Risk Management department at or 419.372.2127.


Certificates of Insurance

A certificate of insurance validates the existence of an insurance policy. It may be issued by an issuer or an insurance agent or broker. A certificate of insurance should include the following:


Certificates to Other Parties

University groups using non-University facilities are often required to furnish a certificate of insurance evidencing the existence of insurance coverage by the University.

Many times, a Memorandum of Insurance (MOI) is sufficient to demonstrate proof of insurance. A MOI provides information about a company's insurance program. This information includes policy numbers, limits, and insurance companies. The MOI has no signature and the certificate holder's name is not shown. Also, the MOI does not have the standard cancellation wording that is contained on a Certificate of Insurance. Marsh, BGSU’s insurance broker, makes additional information and a printable MOI available from their website. To view and/or print visit the Marsh website.

Other times, a facility or entity requests a Certificate of Insurance (COI) naming them as an additional insured on our policy.  To request a COI, complete the COI Request Form and submit to Risk Management.

Certificates from Other Parties

When others are contractually required to provide the University with a certificate of insurance, a copy of the certificate should be sent to the relevant department and to the Office of Risk Management.


Bowling Green State University is committed to the prompt reporting of potential insurance claims. The Risk Management department is responsible for notification to insurers or their representatives following a loss. Reporting by university departments who have experienced a loss is required to the Risk Management department as soon as possible following an accident or loss per the guidelines below.  

BGSU has partnered with our insurance broker to offer various options for those who might need to purchase insurance. Students Organizations may need to purchase liability insurance for a specific event, or may need to purchase a policy in order to rent equipment or an off-site facility. Vendors required to provide proof of insurance before working on campus may also utilize this service.  

CampusConnexions offers Student Special Event Liability Insurance, Vendor Liability Insurance, and Renters Insurance among other types of policies. Visit CampusConnexions for additional information and to receive a quote and purchase a policy.