Vehicle Use

University-Owned Vehicles

Rental Vehicles

  • Drivers of Rental Vehicles only do NOT need to be approved by Risk Management to drive rental vehicles
  • When renting a vehicle using a BGSU corporate contract "Car Rental", renters may DECLINE the optional insurance as it is included in the negotiated rental rate
  • When renting from any other rental company, renters should ACCEPT the optional collision and liability insurance

Passenger Vans (8 or More People)

  • Drivers of passenger vans – those designed to carry 8 or more passengers – must complete the Van Driver Safety training program ONE TIME to become approved to drive passenger vans
  • This applies to both University-Owned and Rental passenger vans
  • To register for the training, complete the Driving Application for BGSU Employees, Students or Non Employees
  • Drivers of rented passenger vans must be at least 21 years of age (rental company rules)
  • University-owned vans crossing the border into Canada may need the following:                

1. Proof of ownership (copy of registration)
2. Proof of insurance (glove box or Risk Management website)
3. Letter from Dean/Chair/Director on BGSU letterhead granting the driver permission to use the vehicle   

Golf Carts

Golf Cart Safety

  • Drivers of golf carts only, as defined above, do NOT need to be approved drivers with Risk Management to drive golf carts
  • Drivers of golf carts only, as defined above, MUST be 18 years of age and possess a valid US driver’s license

Personal Vehicles

  • Drivers of personal vehicles for university business do NOT need to be approved drivers with Risk Management to drive personal vehicles
  • When driving personal vehicles, even for university business, the insurance policy covering the vehicle is considered primary for both liability and physical damage

General Information

  • Responsibility for any tickets or fines levied against the driver becomes the sole responsibility of the driver
  • The University is not responsible for loss or damage to personal belongings of employees or students inside vehicles



Updated: 03/16/2023 02:02PM