Liability Release Waiver

Release, Waiver, and Agreement Not to Sue Form





What is a Release, Waiver, and Agreement Not to Sue form?

Often generally referred to as a waiver, it is a legal document where the participant agrees to assume the risk associated with the activity and releases the institution of legal liability.  

Why are release agreements important?

Bowling Green State University sponsors numerous voluntary travel, recreational, cultural, educational, and physical activities for members of the University community and the public.  Some of these activities may subject the University and its employees to increased legal liability. In order to ensure that participants fully understand and appreciate the risks associated with these activities, as well as to mitigate the potential liability risk to the University, participants need to sign a Release, Waiver, and Agreement Not to Sue Form.

When are release agreements necessary?

Release, Waiver, and Agreement Not to Sue forms are needed when activities are voluntary/optional. Students are not required to sign an agreement for field experiences or field trips which are mandatory (required) as part of a course for academic credit. Voluntary (optional) trips and activities, even when part of a course for credit, require a signed agreement.

University employees are not required to sign agreements for activities in the course and scope of their employment.  

Community members and unaffiliated persons should sign agreements when participating in University sponsored activities involving higher levels of risk, such as travel, physical activity, etc. Agreements are necessary for minor (under the age of 18) participants in University sponsored events.

How are release agreements retained?

Signed agreements are to be maintained by the sponsoring department for 8 years following the completion of the event, per the University records retention schedule. Documents can be maintained hard copy or scanned electronically.    

Who do I contact for questions?

Risk Management can assist with questions on when agreements are needed, retention practices, etc. The Office of General Council can assist with drafting language for special situations where the standard agreement may not apply.

Updated: 06/24/2021 08:59AM