Volunteers @ BGSU

BGSU depends upon volunteer support to accomplish its missions of education, research, and public service and wishes to ensure that volunteer relationships with the university are clearly established and understood by both parties. These procedures are designed to enable the University to accept volunteers, reduce volunteer risk, and protect the interests of the University, its volunteers, and the community it serves.

How Do I Offer Volunteer Opportunities?

  1. Review the Volunteers @ BGSU Procedure. These procedures outline the guidelines for volunteer activities within university departments and organizations.
  2. If you believe your needs can be met through a volunteer opportunity, submit the Volunteer Position Approval form at least 2 weeks prior to the planned activity.
    • Opportunities filled by registered students need position approval from Student Employment and the Controller’s Office.
    • Opportunities filled by employees or unaffiliated individuals need position approval from Human Resources and the Controller’s Office.
    • Positions filled by both students and employees/others need approval from all three areas.

    NOTE: This approval is for a volunteer POSITION, not each individual volunteer.

  3. Once the required approvals are received, the department is approved to recruit volunteers. When required by the University Volunteers Procedure, volunteers must complete the Volunteer Agreement Form before beginning volunteer activities.
  4. Departments must retain the signed Volunteer Agreement Forms as defined in the University Volunteers Procedure.
  5.  Tier One Volunteers should complete the following courses:
    • Mosiac: Preventing Discrimination and Harassment- Supervisor
    • Mosiac: Preventing Sexual Violence Together

For users with a BGSU ID, The courses can be accessed in the Bridge training system. Bridge can be accessed through MYBGSU under Misc Services (employees) or Quick Links (students) at https://bgsu.bridgeapp.com/learner/library

For users without a BGSU ID, access is available through the EduRisk portal

Who Do I Contact for Questions on Volunteers?

Questions regarding the policy or form should be directed to Risk Management.

Questions regarding employment versus volunteer opportunities should be directed to Human Resources or Student Employment.

Updated: 05/05/2022 02:15PM