Flashpoint on Campus


Student Edition

Recognizing and Preventing Violence on Campus

Duration 22 Minutes
Transcript Available

Each year, thousands of students become victims of violence on college and university campuses. While campus shootings are rare, assaults, intimate partner violence, and stalking are not uncommon. Violence, however, is almost always evolutionary with warning signs along the way. The purpose of this program is to help students recognize these warning signs and understand how to respond to them…to prevent violence on campus.

The focus of this program is to help students:

  • Understand what is meant by Campus Violence
  • Recognize common myths about Campus Violence
  • Recognize Behaviors of Concern before violence occurs
  • Recognize signs of stalking and intimate partner violence
  • Understand the importance of early action and options for responding to and reporting warning signs

This program was licensed by the Risk Management Department at Bowling Green State University for internal use only. 

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