Other University Logos

University Seal

Based on the state of Ohio seal, the University seal is to be used ONLY by the Office of the President, Board of Trustees, and on commencement materials. The use of the University seal for any application not mentioned requires approval from the Office of Marketing and Brand Strategy.

seal public good 

Intercollegiate Athletics Logos

Intercollegiate Athletics logos are the exclusive marks that represent the BGSU Falcons. Usage requires approval from Intercollegiate Athletics Licensing Resource Group at 616-395-0676.

athletics logo

BGSU Letters with Public Good

The BGSU letters logo paired with the Public University for the Public Good should be used on marketing materials when space allows.

BGSU A Public University for the Public Good

Schmidthorst College of Business

The named Schmidthorst College of Business is the only college that has a custom logotype.

scob logo with full names

Colleges, Offices, and Department Logos

College, offices and academic areas can utilize the standardized logotypes. Utilizing the same font as the BGSU letters logo and Bowling Green State University underneath. If you need your areas logo created, please reach out of the Office of Marketing and Brand Strategy.

Sponsored Programs and Research
Public and Allied Health
Residence Life
The Arts-logo

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