Health Services Advisory Committee


To advise the Director of the Student Health Services.


  1. To receive and consider suggestions for meeting the health needs of the student body;
  2. To disseminate widely throughout the student body information regarding services available at the University Health Service;
  3. To counsel with the Director of the Student Health Service on any matters pertinent to the Health Service/student body relationship;
  4. To select the endorsed student health insurance plan; and
  5. To receive and consider suggestions for meeting the health needs of the broader University community.


  • Three elected faculty members, at least two of whom are not members of Faculty Senate;
  • One faculty member in first four years, appointed by the Committee on Committees for a one-year term;
  • Three undergraduate students appointed by Undergraduate Student Government (USG) for one-year terms;
  • One graduate student appointed by Graduate Student Senate (GSS) for a one-year term.


  • Director of Student Health Service or his/her designee
  • Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Director of International Programs Office or his/her designee


The chair shall be elected from among the elected or appointed members of the committee, excluding ex officio members (Academic Charter, Article V.B.4).


Three of the elected faculty members must be eligible for election to Faculty Senate (Academic Charter, Article V.B).


All elected, appointed and ex officio members have full voting rights. Consultants are non-voting members. (Academic Charter, Article V.B)