Faculty Senate Elections

There are four elections related to Faculty Senate that take place annually.  Brief summaries are below; please refer to the Charter for specific details.       

1.  Election of Senators

The nomination and election of Senators takes place within each college between late October and mid December.  Senator terms are three years.

2. Senate Officer Elections - Vice Chair/Chair Elect & Secretary 

The Officers of the Senate are elected from the Senate membership by the faculty members of the Senate. Each Officer serves for a one-year term, with the Vice-Chair becoming Chair of the Senate for the year following the year's service as Vice-Chair. Officers take office immediately following the spring commencement.  Nominees must be a Senator or Senator-elect; self-nominations accepted

3.  Senate Standing Committee Elections

Senate Standing Committee elections include the committees listed below.  Senators or Senators-Elect are eligible to nominate; voting is by Senators only (self-nominations accepted).  Committee membership on some committees may require Senator status.  Anyone interested in serving should contact his or her college Senators.  Generally, elected terms are for three years, with SEC terms being 2 years.

  • Senate Executive Committee (SEC)
  • Senate Committee on Academic Affairs (CAA)
  • Senate Committee on Professional Affairs (CPA)
  • Fiscal Affairs Advisory Committee (FAAC)
  • Senate Committee on Committees (Com/Com)
  • Senate Committee on Amendments and Bylaws (ABC)
  • Adjunct Faculty Committee (AFC)  (The Faculty Senate Adjunct Faculty Committee (AFC) is a Senate Standing Committee; however, each college holds this election separately.)     

4.  University Standing Committee Elections

University Standing Committee elections include the list below.  These elections are University-wide and take place online.  All full time faculty including school directors, department chairs, and program directors are eligible to nominate and vote; self-nominations are accepted.  Generally, elected terms are for three years.         

  • Academic Honesty
  • Athletics (Intercollegiate) Advisory
  • BG Perspective
  • Enrollment Advisory
  • Equal Opportunity Compliance
  • Faculty Development
  • Faculty Research
  • Health Services Advisory
  • Honorary Degrees
  • Honors & Awards
  • Information Technology
  • Library Advisory
  • Student Affairs Advisory
  • Student Media Advisory
  • Student Union Advisory

If you have any questions regarding the elections or you are interested in serving, please contact Matt Desmond in the FS Office at mfdesmo@bgsu.edu or 419-372-2751.

Updated: 11/06/2023 01:55PM