Faculty Senate

About Faculty Senate

As part of the University Community, the faculty share the following responsibilities with students, administration, classified staff, and administrative staff. These include:

  • helping to define and further the missions and goals of Bowling Green State University (BGSU);
  • providing the means for interchange of information and ideas;
  • providing forums for the discussion of problems facing higher education in general and BGSU in particular;
  • providing opportunities for increased understanding of the University and the professional development of its staff through participation in the University's operation; and
  • reviewing and making advisory recommendations about the annual budget to be recommended to the Board of Trustees through the President.

The Faculty Senate, as a representative body of the faculty, has policy and standard framing authority:

  • to promote a climate of academic freedom for all faculty;
  • to promote equity and excellence with regard to all academic policies and standards;
  • to promote an optimal academic environment throughout the University; and,
  • to promote standards and procedures of accountability concerning professional faculty ethics and responsibilities.

Furthermore, the Faculty Senate has the discretion to offer recommendations and advice on issues germane to the academic function of the institution and to the welfare of its students such as:

  • activities that promote professional growth and leadership development for faculty;
  • effective and efficient utilization of University resources, including faculty involvement in academic unit and University budgeting processes;
  • a quality library, as well as quality instructional and research equipment, services, and facilities; and
  • other academic functions as appropriate.

In addition the Faculty Senate may recommend the recognizing and honoring of qualified recipients for honorary degrees.

TheĀ  membership of the Faculty Senate is composed of faculty representatives from each College (on a proportional basis), plus a representative of retired faculty. Certain student government leaders and administrators serve as ex officio members.

The Senate offices are located in 118 Olscamp Hall on the main campus of Bowling Green State University. We may be reached by telephone at (419) 372-2751 or by email.

Senate Officers for 2022-2023 are:

  • Robyn Miller, Chair, robyngm@bgsu.edu
  • Allen Rogel, Vice Chair, abrogel@bgsu.edu
  • Montana Miller, Secretary to the Senate, montanm@bgsu.edu

Senate Staff

  • Matt Desmond, Senior Secretary, mfdesmo@bgsu.edu

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