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Contact the Faculty Senate office for a copy of the Education Advisory Board (EAB) presentation by Dr. Mathew Pellish.

University-wide Evaluation of Teaching and Learning


Faculty Senate and Academic Affairs are collaborating to explore the development and utilization of a student evaluation of teaching and learning at BGSU that includes a set of common university questions and provides flexibility for colleges and departments to add specific questions.

Instrument Construction Work Group

Implementation Committee


Preparation Spring 2016
Instrument Construction
Fall 2016
Pilot I Fall 2016
Software Selection  Spring 2017 
Pilot II Fall 2017 - Summer 2018
University-wide Implementation Fall 2018

Final Items for the Student Evaluation of Teaching and Learning at BGSU

Alignment with the Four Pillars of Student Success*

The instructor clearly explains course objectives and requirements. Expectations
The instructor sets high standards for learning. Expectations
The instructor offers helpful and timely feedback throughout the semester. Feedback/Assessment
The instructor provides opportunities and/or information to help students succeed (for example, tutoring resources, office hours, mentoring, research projects, etc.). Support
The instructor encourages student participation (for example, by inviting questions, having discussions, asking students to express their opinions, or other activities). Engagement
The instructor creates an environment of respect. Engagement and Support

*See Provost's website ­ BGSU Student Success Ecosystem
(Based upon the framework of V. Tinto, Completing College: Rethinking Institutional Action)