Faculty Senate Adjunct Faculty Committee


To advise the Faculty Senate with regard to needs, issues and concerns of Adjunct Faculty at Bowling Green State University.


  1. Survey the status of Adjunct faculty at BGSU and report on relevant trends or concerns.
  2. Represent Adjunct faculty in shared governance through Faculty Senate.
  3. Make recommendations to Faculty Senate in response to the needs and concerns of Adjunct Faculty.


  • Eight elected Adjunct faculty members (one each from the College of Arts and Sciences; the College of Business; the College of Education and Human Development; Firelands College; the College of Health and Human Services; the College of Musical Arts; the College of Technology, Architecture, and Applied Engineering; and Universtiy Libraries), One member may be a member of the Graduate college (academic Charter, Article VIII.C.) and one of whom may be selected as a representative member of the Honors Faculty (Academic Charter, Article X.D.) If necessary, the Committe on Committees may appoint additional faculty members who meet these criteria;
  • Adjunct Faculty have no service requirement, all positions on the committee are voluntary, and do not imply continuation of contract or additional pay;
  • A chair will be selected from the active members of the committee;
  • The Chair, (And the Firelands representative) will be afforded status as full member of Faculty Senate with the all rights and privileges normally accorded to such a position.

Below are the 2017/18 Faculty Adjunct Committee Members.

  • Mariella Zucchi-Bingman- Chair, Arts & Sciences, mzucchi@bgsu.edu, 2019
  • Vacant - College of Business
  • Ken Newbury, Education & Human Development,  kenn@bgsu.edu, 2020
  • Karen Brackenbury, Health & Human Services, kbrack@bgsu.edu, 2018
  • John Knoedler, Music Arts, johnkk@bgsu.edu, 2020
  • Vacant - College of Technology, Architecture and Applied Engineering
  • Raymond Young, Firelands  ryoung@bgsu.edu, 2020

The chair of the committee shall be elected from among the elected adjunct committee members.


The Chair and Firelands representative faculty members shall be eligible for election to Faculty Senate.


All elected and appointed members have full voting rights within the committee. Chair (and Firelands Representative) shall be accorded Membership on Faculty Senate with full membership status. Consultants are non-voting members.