Intercollegiate Athletics Advisory Committee


To advise the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics on matters involving the University's varsity intercollegiate athletics program; to monitor and promote varsity intercollegiate athletic competition (in approved athletics association sports) as an integral and constructive part of the educational, student life, and public service functions of the University.


  1. Advise the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics on issues which:
    1. affect the academic and personal welfare of student athletes;
    2. involve budgetary matters;
    3. affect the long-range development and enhancement of varsity intercollegiate athletics;
    4. involve campus and community perceptions of the student athlete, the university's varsity intercollegiate athletics program, and the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics;
  2. Study issues, review materials, and make recommendations(s) to the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics regarding:
    1. policies pertaining to the conduct of intercollegiate athletics, including recommendations concerning the formulation, modification, and implementation of such policies;
    2. institutional policies and standards (current or proposed) which may have impact upon student-athletes as a group, or upon the varsity intercollegiate athletics program;
    3. athletic facilities and athletic facility use; or
    4. such other matters as the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics may refer to the committee for recommendation, or may be identified by the committee;
  3. Participate in staff searches in the department of Intercollegiate Athletics as deemed appropriate by the Director (including searches for head coaches, administrative personnel, and such others as may be designated by the Director);
  4. Receive on behalf of (and about) the University, information regarding student-athletics and athletic programs; and to recommend any appropriate institutional response. (This provision will ordinarily lead to a committee recommendation addressed to the Director, faculty representative, Registrar, or President. Thus informed, the committee may serve as a public liaison within and external to the University.)


  • Seven elected faculty members with staggered 3-year terms;
  • One additional faculty member in first four years, appointed by the Committee on Committees for a one-year term;
  • One undergraduate student appointed by USG for a one-year term;
  • One undergraduate student appointed by the Student Athletic Board for a one-year term;
  • One graduate student appointed by GSS for a one-year term;
  • One non-faculty appointment by the President of the University.


  • Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs;
  • Director of Intercollegiate Athletics;
  • Faculty Athletics Representative;


The chair shall be elected from among the elected faculty members.


If minorities and women are inadequately represented, the President of the University may use his power of appointment to add a maximum of two full-time faculty members. The seven elected faculty members must be eligible for election to Faculty Senate ( Academic Charter, Article V.B).


All elected appointed and ex officio members have full voting rights. Consultants are non-voting members. ( Academic Charter, Article V.B)