How to receive "Honors in Sociology":
  • Attain an overall GPA of at least 3.5 and a GPA in sociology of at least 3.75
  • Complete the following three courses in addition to the other degree requirements:
    • Social Psychology (SOC 3010)
    • Introduction to Sociological Theory (SOC 3020)
    • Sociology Capstone (SOC 4800)
  • Complete a senior thesis or other capstone project based on independent research
  • Make a public presentation of the thesis

Note: The later two are required in SOC 4800.

If the student satisfies the above four requirements, his/her transcript will read: "Graduation with Honors in Sociology.

2020 Inductees

Elizabeth Cassidy
Jes Van Vleet
Jessica Good
Amanda Heitkamp, Graduate Student
Madison Mantor

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