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BGSU Sociology research is regularly featured in the national media, and our faculty provide leading media outlets with expert insights on current events. Our faculty and students are frequently recognized for their exceptional research, teaching, and service contributions to the field. Check this page regularly to learn about recent accolades and media appearances featuring BGSU Sociology. 


WHYY Radio Times -- Listen!
What's behind the falling birth rate
CGTN  America
U.S. birth falls to record low in 2020
Scripps National News
As the pandemic continues on, we are seeing some growing trends among divorces, including more people over the age of 50 splitting
News Nation Now
US birth rate falls to lowest point in nearly a century
Bill & Melinda Gates’ Split Shines Light on 'Gray Divorce' Trend Experts Think Pandemic Fuels
Live Science
US birth rate plunged in 2020
Wall Street Journal
Bill and Melinda Gates Divorce Highlights Rise of Older-Age Splits
Honolulu Civil Beat
Dark Clouds Are Looming Over Hawaii Even As The Economy Appears To Be Improving
The Signal
He's not Prince Charming, I'm no Sleeping Beauty
Deseret News
Why when a mother has her last child matters
NBC10 Philadelphia
Baby Bust: America's Pandemic Birth Declines Steeper Than Initially Believed 
Despite pandemic strain on couples, Florida divorce rates go down in 2020
The Daily Mail
Why your looks can make you a crook: Good-looking teenagers are more likely to break the law, says study despite scientists expecting to find uglier people turn to crime
New York Times
Manage Your Divorce Expectations: Our routines may have stalled during Covid, but the desire to divorce certainly hasn’t. Here, some of the pandemic-age challenges to consider.
Why Marriage and Divorce Rates are Dropping During the Pandemic
Divorces and Marriages Tumbled in U.S. During Covid, Study Shows
























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