Alpha Kappa Delta

Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD) is the International Sociology Honor Society founded in 1920 at the University of Southern California by Dr. Emory S. Bogardus. The name, Alpha Kappa Delta, represents the first letters of three Greek words: anthropon (mankind), katamanthanein (to investigate thoroughly or to conduct research), and diakonesein (for the purpose of service). The name, freely interpreted, signifies the importance of social research for the purpose of service. There are more than 600 chapters of the AKD International Honor Society and more than 97,000 lifetime members.


The purpose of Alpha Kappa Delta is to acknowledge excellence in teaching, research, and study of sociology. AKD recognizes the importance of sociology for the betterment of society. Our Eta Chapter, at BGSU supports the interests of students submitting their work for conference presentations and to the AKD student paper competition. We are currently working with ACS graduate students seeking donations of feminine hygiene and other costly products to give to women in the Sparrow Nest Shelter, part of the Cherry St. Mission in Toledo.

sociological inquiryAlpha Kappa Delta has a quarterly journal, Sociological Inquiry, which is currently published by Wiley-Blackwell. Sociological Inquiry is committed to the exploration of the human condition in all of its social and cultural complexity.  New members receive one free year of Sociological Inquiry provided they turn in an activation form. All members who renew their memberships receive a year of the journal. Sociological Inquiry is available in both print and online.

Margaret Weinberger
Faculty Advisor
Barbara Prince
Graduate Student Representative (national level)
Undergraduate Students
  • Sarah Adams ('12)
  • Myriesha M. Barber ('17)
  • Jenna R. Bartholomew ('18)
  • Amanda M. Bausher
  • Alison R. Bierman ('17)
  • Elizabeth (Libby) Cassidy
  • Victoria E. Cope ('18)
  • Morgan Corns ('16)
  • Jalena Cozart
  • Kelsey L. Ellenwood ('17)
  • Adam E. Ferber
  • April Gargac
  • Liam C. Garrett ('18)
  • Rebecca Good
  • Madeline Hogrefe ('17)
  • McKensey A. Huffman ('16)
  • Jennifer S. Kania
  • Courtney L. Knoop ('14)
  • Elizabeth A. Kovert ('17)
  • Autumn E. Kunkel ('14)
  • Madison Mantor ('20)
  • Matthew J. Menger ('12)
  • Eric Modell ('17)
  • Chelsie A. Moorman ('12)
  • Clairessa I. Morrow
  • Meghan R. Napolitan
  • Samantha L. Nousak ('17)
  • Nadia G. Oehler ('15)
  • Nicolo P. Pinchak ('15)
  • Brittany L. Plocek ('15)
  • Ciera J. Primas
  • Blythe C. Rettos
  • Allison Rodenbucher ('18)
  • Nicole J. Ridenour ('15)
  • Grace P. Sanford
  • Cortisha M. Short ('18)
  • Adam J. Smith
  • Soren T. Sondergeld ('18)
  • Danielle M. Trauth-Jurman ('14)
  • Caleb A. Tuvell ('12)
  • Jes Van Vleet
  • Chelsie L. Volpe ('12)
  • Lindsay C. Williams ('12)
Graduate Students
  • Colette A. Allred
  • William Clemens
  • Victoria Cope
  • Jessica G. Finkeldey ('16)
  • Liam Garrett
  • Mitchell R. Gresham
  • Amanda Heitkamp
  • Vanessa W. Lang
  • Kagan Mellencamp
  • Shira S. Smith ('18)
  • Soren T. Sondergeld
  • Brian J. Timm ('18)
  • Rachel Lydia Wolsey ('17)
  • Gwendolyn R. Zugarek ('16)

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Margaret Weinberger

  • Department of Sociology
    Bowling Green State University
    Bowling Green, OH 43403 419-372-3907

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