Funded Grants
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  • Family Structure and Time Allocation: Mechanisms of Food Insecurity Among Children (Food Insecurity)
    • Kelly Balistreri

  • Counting Families:  Household Matrices with Multiple Family Members (Counting Families)
    • Wendy D. Manning
    • Kelly Balistreri
  • Demographic Analysis of Low-Income Adults with Dependent Children:  Implications for the Expansion of Medicaid (Low-Income Families and Medicaid)
    • Kelly Balistreri

  • Demographic Analysis of SES Stability & Well-being among Children of Immigrants (Immigrant Children's Well-being)
    • Kelly Balistreri

  • Effects of Couples' Money Practices on Work-Family Outcomes:  Union Dissolution and Women's Labor Force Participation (Couples' Money Practices)
    • Catherine Kenney

  • Life Course, Relationship, and Situational Contexts of Teen Dating Violence (Teen Dating Violence)
    • Peggy Giordano
    • Monica Longmore
    • Wendy D. Manning

  • National Center for Family & Marriage Research (NCFMR)
    • Susan L. Brown
    • Wendy D. Manning

  • Nonmaternal Child Care, Role Strain, and Maternal Sensitivity in the First Three Years (Child Care and Role Strain)
    • Kei Nomaguchi

  • The Timing and Circumstances of the Transition to Fatherhood (Transitions to Fatherhood)
    • Kara Joyner