Undergraduate Program

The courses you will take to earn a major or minor in sociology provide a unique foundation for a wide range of careers. Sociology has practical applications in human services, social policy, not-for-profit and government sectors, small businesses and large corporations, as well as academic institutions. Sociology courses develop a variety of analytical and problem-solving skills. Competence in quantitative analysis and critical thinking are important components of the sociology degree, providing skills that today's employers are seeking. Students in sociology are critical consumers of information. They have unique insight into human diversity and understanding social problems, making sociology a relevant pre-professional degree for a broad range of fields. We invite you to explore our web pages, and contact us to schedule a visit or advising appointment. We look forward to meeting with you and sharing our excitement about a degree in sociology!​


Developing a sociological perspective--recognizing the importance of culture and social structure as fundamental social forces that influence human behavior at the individual, group, organizational, institutional, and societal levels. An understanding of basic sociological constructs and theories relevant to particular subareas of the discipline (e.g., criminology, demography, social psychology) and the ability to apply these to various areas of social life (e.g., family, education, government, community, business).
Understanding the diverse ways in which sociologists gather, interpret, and evaluate data, with a particular focus on the measurement of sociological constructs, inferring causal relationships, generalizing from samples to populations, and performing basic statistical analyses.
Articulating sociologically informed opinions and arguments concerning social and behavioral phenomena, and the ability to critically read and understand an argument and to critically evaluate that argument.


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Talmadge Thomson II with Director of Undergraduate Studies Margaret Weinberger
Sociology major Talmadge Thomas II addresses incoming freshman during 2017 convocation

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Margaret Weinberger
Department of Sociology
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403 419-372-3907