Undergraduate News

Fifteen students received undergraduate degrees

Congratulations to our spring 2021 graduating seniors!
  • Elizabeth Cassidy
  • Jalena Cozart
  • Mason Dicke
  • Jennifer Dunlap
  • Amanda Fairbairn
  • April Gargac
  • Conrad Knasel
  • Emily Kramer
  • Noah Laughlin
  • Kaylee Morrow
  • Sierra Nathans
  • Helena Pittroff
  • Cali Vaughn
  • Lauren Walter
  • Logan Washburn
Elizabeth Cassidy
Kaylee Morrow
Logan Washburn
Jalena Cozart
Sierra Nathans
Lauren Walter
April Gargac
Helena Pittroff
Emily Kramer
Cali Vaughn

Students honored for exceptional academic achievements

Kyra Williams-Davis

Garrett Forlow  

Cameron Green

Six students inducted in AKD

Three undergraduate students and three graduate students* were inducted into the 2021 Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD) International Sociology Honor Society. The purpose of AKD is to acknowledge excellence in teaching, research, and study of sociology.    
  • Megan Carmen
  • *Christopher Julian
  • *Brian Klinnert
  • Helena Pittroff
  • Gabrielle Sanders
  • *Eric Sevareid
Megan Carmen
Brian Klinnert
Gabrielle Sanders
Christopher Julian
Helena Pittroff
Eric Sevareid

Second-year sociology/psychology major works two internships during COVID

Miarri Phillips has been working two internships over the past year. The first was fully remote with a non-profit, and the second was in-person with a grocery chain.

"It was a different experience and it was my first internship," she said, "but being able to work on my own time from the comfort of my home was very convenient."

She also had the opposite experience, working in-person on the management side of Wegman's grocery chain, observing the leadership. She says companies looking for interns need to pivot to provide both options of learning.

Students examine TARS data to complete CURS projects

Clara Barned and Lauren Walter both received a cash award for their research projects based on Toledo Adolescent Relationship Study (TARS) COVID-19 data. The duo will each deliver their papers and PowerPoint presentations during the Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (CURS) symposium in April 2021.

The students analyzed qualitative interview data in which respondents discussed challenges associated with family life during the pandemic. Both students initially worked as transcribers on the project this past summer - hired from a grant that Professor Monica Longmore received from the Center for Family and Demographic Research (CFDR). Part of their research included weekly meetings with members of the TARS team to discuss transcription issues. Working during the summer gave the students the initial training that they needed in order to do their own independent research projects.

Clara Barned, an honors student majoring in biochemistry and Spanish, used 10 qualitative interviews to examine: "Familial Relationship Changes Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic."
Clara Barned
Lauren Walter
Lauren Walter, a double Soc/Psy major, used 9 qualitative interviews to examine: "A Comparison of Mothers' and Fathers' Reports of Anxiety During the COVID-19 Pandemic - An Analysis of Gender Differences."

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