News and Events 2020

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BGSU Sociology research is regularly featured in the national media, and our faculty provide leading media outlets with expert insights on current events. Our faculty and students are frequently recognized for their exceptional research, teaching, and service contributions to the field. Check this page regularly to learn about recent accolades and media appearances featuring BGSU Sociology. 


  • BGSU works with local agency to reduce opioid deaths for individuals leaving jail
  • US divorce rates have hit a 50-year LOW because people are more 'selective' about their spouses and couples who marry older are staying together longer
  • The pandemic may be leading to fewer babies in rich countries, and perhaps more in poor ones
  • The Three-Child American Family, Under Siege
  • BGSU sociologist helps state health agencies crunch the numbers 
  • Statewide survey helps improve health care for Ohioans
  • Why Some Men Delay Fatherhood: First-time fathers are now more than 27 years old, on average; lengthening transition to adulthood is one reason
  • BGSU’s Guzzo an author on report in Marriage Strengthening Research and Dissemination Center (MAST)
  • Jail expansion on hold due to COVID effect on county revenue and inmate numbers
  • The Steep Road to Freedom Podcast
  • With Couples Rethinking Children, We Might See the Opposite of a COVID-19 Baby Boom
  • Births in the United States have dropped to a 34-year low
  • Dr. Peggy Giordano, BGSU
  • BGSU research takes aim at social tool for fighting COVID-19
  • Families contribute to health inequalities during COVID-19 
  • Coronavirus creates Census concerns in Bowling Green and other cities
  • Affluent Americans Still Say ‘I Do.’ More in the Middle Class Don’t: Marriage and all its related social and financial benefits are becoming a luxury good.
  • Marriage and all its related social and financial benefits are becoming a luxury good. 'Marriage Story' struck a chord, but America's real divorce story is more complicated: Marriage is becoming a little less prevalent and little more stable — a potential bright spot in a turbulent world
  • Las Vegas working to rebrand wedding destination
  • Why Black Women Are Living Alone
  • Four Reasons for Rise in Gray Divorce
  • Ask Code Switch: What About Your Friends
  • The best places to recover financially after a divorce
  • What It’s Like to Date After Middle Age: Newly single older people are finding a dating landscape vastly different from the one they knew in their 20s and 30s.