Bonnie Mitchell


Professor, Digital Arts

MFA, University of Oregon, Visual Design/Computer Art, 1992
BS, University of Oregon, Art Education, 1990
AS, Central Wyoming College, Fine Art, 1987
AS, Central Wyoming College, Computer Science, 1987
AS, Central Wyoming College, Secondary Education, 2D Art, 1986

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Teaching Specialization: Animation and Interactive Art

Courses Taught
Particle Systems and Dynamics (Special Effects in Animation)
3D Animation
Animation Preproduction (storytelling, storyboarding, character development)
Experimental Animation
Traditional Animation Techniques
Mobile Web App development
Web Programming and Design
Online Computer Game Development
Interactive Multimedia (CD and DVD authoring)
ActionScripting and Flash design and programming
Collaborative Multimedia.

Also, in the past have taught Electronics Installation Art using the IO circuit boards, sensors and switches.

Areas of Research/Artistic Focus
Bonnie Mitchell works with animation, programming, WWW art, stereo imaging, interactive art installation, and 3D modeling and rendering to explore spatial environments and experiential relationships to natural elements. Ms. Mitchell is internationally recognized for her interactive animated installations and collaborative Internet-based art works.

Her recent work involves creating immersive spaces using projections into hand-blown glass objects as well as on walls around the viewer. These art environments typically include natural and man-made elements such as moss, twigs, sand, chairs, etc. The goal is to psychologically alter the perception of the viewer and provoke altered states such as introspection, excitement, tranquility, etc.

Mitchell's past work included a series of collaborative world-wide Internet art projects. Early in 1992, using FTP and email, she organized the ChainArt Project which involved over 130 people from 15 different countries. In 1994, she coordinated the Digital Journey project; 1995 the Diversive Path project, and also in 1995 she organized the ChainReaction project which premiered at SIGGRAPH 95 and ISEA 95. ChainReaction currently has over 350 images and over 140 participants in 16 countries. "As Worlds Collide" focused on the integration of 2D and 3D imagery in a time-based environment and invited participants from around the world to submit images which automatically were converted to Quicktime VR artistic "worlds.”

Recent Accomplishments
For the past 10 years, Mitchell has collaborated with electroacoustic composer, Elainie Lillios. Together they create large-scale immersive interactive installation art and visual music animations. Their work has been exhibited at over 40 festivals, conferences and concerts and won awards at the Kalamazoo Animation Festival International, Prix Destellos, Mar del Plata, Argentina and ATMI in Texas.

In 2006, Ms. Mitchell was the chair of the international SIGGRAPH Art Gallery. She also coordinated the Beyond Boundaries: Charles A. Csuri 1963-present extensive retrospective exhibition and the Electronically Mediated Performances at SIGGRAPH 2006. She also curated/chaired the GRAPHITE 2006 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) and 2007 (Perth, Australia) Art Exhibitions and Art Talks.

Her work has been exhibited as part of ARS Electronica, SIGGRAPH, SEAMUS, ICMA, KAFI, Arcade, Bunch of Digital Art, Blackbox Videos, ISEA and many more festivals and shows. Bonnie Mitchell has presented at ISEA, SIGGRAPH, FATE, Art Interactive, SEAMUS, GRAPHITE, CAA, ATMI, SECAC, TypoMedia, NCTM, and many more conferences throughout the world.

Ms. Mitchell is also president of CreativeMyndz Multimedia Studios in Bowling Green. CreativeMyndz develops interactive media for publishing companies in the field of the arts and humanity. Their products have sold more than 2 million copies and are used in hundreds of universities and high schools across the US.

Faculty member at BGSU since 1998 

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