The Ethics of Public Discourse (2019)


Mileti Alumni Center

Friday, April 5

9:00-10:00am - Light Breakfast and Welcome

10-10:55am - Maura Priest (Arizona State): “Pity in Public Discourse”

Chair: Leamon Bazil (Sam Houston State)

11-11:55am - Jason Hanna (Northern Illinois): “Emotion, Moral Persuasion, and Public Discourse”

Chair: Dana Howard (Ohio State)

12-1:30pm - LUNCH

1:30-2:25pmCandice Delmas (Northeastern): “(In)Civility”

Chair: Dustin Crummett (Notre Dame)

2:30-3:25pm - Macalester Bell (Bryn Mawr): “Derisive Dissent: A Moderate Defense”

Chair: Justin Tosi (Texas Tech)

3:30-3:45pm - BREAK

3:45-5:00pm -  Jason Stanley (Yale): “Presupposing Practices: How to Incorporate Speech Practices into Formal Pragmatics”

Chair: Michael Weber (Bowling Green)

Saturday, April 6

9:00-10:00am - Light Breakfast

10-10:55am - Briana Toole (Baruch-CUNY) – “Holding Resistance Hostage: When Resistance is Futile”

Chair: Max Khan Hayward (Bowling Green)

11-11:55am - John Corvino (Wayne State) – “Mill’s Limits”

Chair: Hrishikesh Joshi (Michigan)

12-1:30pm - LUNCH

1:30-2:45pm - Julia Driver (Wash U): “Moralizing and Moral Theory”

Chair: Brandon Warmke (Bowling Green)

2:45-3:00pm - BREAK

3-3:55pm - Clark Donley (Georgetown): “The Ethics of No-Platforming”

Chair: Benjamin Rossi (Miami U)

4-4:55pm - Megan Hyska (Northwestern): “On Protest and Propaganda”

Chair: Lenny Clapp (Northern Illinois)

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