The Scope of Religious Exemptions

The Fifth Bowling Green State University Workshop in Applied Ethics and Public Policy

Friday and Saturday April 17-18, 2015

All talks at the BGSU Mileti Alumni Center, Mercer Rd, Bowling Green


Workshop Schedule

(If the paper title is highlighted in orange, click on it to download a copy)

Friday, April 17th

9:00-9:50                              Perry Dane (Rutgers University, School of Law)
                                                “Scopes of Religious Exemption: A Normative Map”
                                                Chair: Paul Billingham

10:00-10:50                             Chad Flanders (St. Louis University School of Law) “Insubstantial Burdens"
                                                Chair: Adam Kern

11:30-12:20                             Christie Hartley (Georgia State University) and Lori Watson (University of San Diego)                                                                 “Public Reason, Integrity, and Religious Exemptions”
                                                Chair: Kevin Vallier

12:30-2:00                               Lunch

2:00-3:30                  Keynote: Robert Audi (University of Notre Dame)
                                    “Religious Accommodation, Social Justice, and Public Education”

3:45-4:35:                            Jocelyn Maclure (Laval University)
                                            "Why Accommodate Religion? Conscience, Religion, and Meaning-Giving Commitments"
                                             Chair: Joseph Dunne

4:45-5:35                              Mark Navin (Oakland University)
                                                “Prioritizing Religion in Vaccine Exemption Policies”
                                               Chair: Colin Manning

7:30-9:30                              Dinner

Saturday, April 18th

9:00-9:50                              Michael Perry (Emory University)
                                               "On the Constitutionality and Political Morality of Granting Conscience-Protecting Exemptions                                                         Only to Religious Believers”
                                               Chair: Bryan McGraw

10:00-10:50                         Naama Ofrath (University of Toronto)
                                            “R v NS: The Niquab in Court and Lessons in Granting Religious Exemptions”
                                               Chair: John Corvino

11:30-12:20                         Simon May (Florida State University)
                                            “Exemptions for Conscience”
                                            Chair: Alex Bearden

12:30-2:00                           Lunch

2:00-3:30               Keynote: Andrew Koppelman (Northwestern University)
                                  “Neutrality and the Religion Analogy”

3:45-4:35:                            Lucas Swaine (Dartmouth College)
                                            “Legal Exemptions for Religious Feelings”
                                             Chair: Victor Muñiz-Fraticelli

4:45-5:35                            Kyle Swan (California State University, Sacramento)
                                            “How Should We Treat Religion?”
                                                Chair: Sara Ghaffari

Additional paper (not being presented) by Ted Poston (University of South Alabama)
                                            "Religious Conscience and the Private Market"

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