Michael Weber

Professor of Philosophy


Department of Philosophy
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403

Office: 307 Shatzel Hall

Office Phone: (419) 372-7209

email: meweber@bgsu.edu

Michael Weber joined the BGSU Philosophy Department in 2008 and became Department Chair in July 2011.  He previously taught at Yale University, having earned his Ph.D. at the University of Michigan in 1998.  His dissertation was a defense of the rationality of satisficing – choosing what is simply “good enough” instead of what is best.  Since then, his work has focused on the role of emotions in ethical life and ethical theory, and on rational choice theory.  More recently he has been working on issues in egalitarian theory.  His recent publications include the following:

“Is Equality Essentially Comparative?” Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 10 (2007): 209-226.

"More on the Motive of Duty," Journal of Ethics 11 (2007): 65-86.

"' Tough-Minded' Theories in Ethics," Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review XLV (2006): 747-54.

“Are Terrorists Cowards?” Public Affairs Quarterly 19 (2005): 331-42.

"Compassion: An Evaluation of Nussbaum’s Analysis and Defense," Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 7 (2004): 487-511.

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