Applied Philosophy Workshop


Applied Philosophy workshop

5th Annual Graduate Student Workshop in Applied Philosophy
Broadening the Scope of Moral Consideration
Friday & Saturday | November 3 & 4, 2017
Bowling Green State University | 301 Shatzel Hall

Keynote Speakers:

fuller lisa

Lisa Fuller

Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Merrimack College
“Is Humanitarian Aid a Gift?”

McPherson Tristram
Tristram McPherson

Associate Professor of Philosophy, The Ohio State University
“Contribution Ethics”

A commitment to lead an ethical life in the contemporary world faces unprecedented challenges of global proportions. Many of our daily choices seemingly implicate us in a complex ethical quagmire. Do we, as residents in developed nations, have special obligations to the global poor and to those displaced by political and social unrest? Should we take responsibility for consumption and other activities that contribute to climate change and environmental harms, the exploitation of laborers, rising social inequalities, animal suffering, the loss of biodiversity and so on? If so, how? Are carbon taxes, cap and trade, divestment requirements and geoengineering morally defensible solutions to our large-scale political and social problems? What should be done about the proliferation of weapons and violence that contributes to terrorism, props up illegitimate regimes, exacerbates global inequalities and is responsible for needless death domestically and abroad? How should we understand the impact of animal agriculture, consumerism, militarization and population growth in light of environmental challenges and distributional inequities? If our problems are collective, then what is the role of individuals in solving them?   

Friday, November 3

9:30-10:30      Is the ACA’s Essential Health Benefits Mandate Really Unfair? The Fairness Argument, Consumer Freedom,                              and Helping the Uninsured
                        Graeme Cave, Wayne State University
10:35-11:35      The Case Against Big Houses
                        Dale Brown, Western Michigan University
1:00-2:00        Is it Rational to Care about the Natural Environment?
                        Josh Brown, Bowling Green State University
2:05-3:05        Shared Responsibility for Societal Appearances: On the Collective Effort to Restrict Hate Speech 
                        Heather Stewart, University of Western Ontario  


3:15-5:00         Contribution Ethics
                        Dr. Tristram McPherson, The Ohio State University

Saturday, November 4

9:30-10:30      A Reconstruction of Nancy Fraser's Approach to Global Justice
                        Marzouq Alnusf, Northwestern University
10:35-11:35      Grounding the Capability Approach in Negative Rights
                        Anandita Mukherji, Boston University
1:00-2:00        Concentrated Wealth: The Inheritance License Market       
                        Adam White, Bowling Green State University
2:05-3:05        Moral Markets
                        Samuel Krauss, University of Texas at Austin


3:15-5:00         Is Humanitarian Aid a Gift?
                        Dr. Lisa Fuller, Merrimack College

Workshop coordinators:

Andrew Erickson:
Alex Bearden: