"Political Utopia: Promise or Peril?"

The Fourth Bowling Green State University Workshop in Applied Ethics and Public Policy

Friday and Saturday April 25-26, 2014

8:30 am - 6:00 pm

Keynote Speakers

David Estlund (Brown University) "Prime Justice"

Gerald Gaus (University of Arizona) "Searching for the Ideal, and Feasible Ways to It." (coauthored with Keith Hankins)

Other Speakers

Alexander Guerrero (University of Pennsylvania) "Political Legitimacy and Social Context" 

Blain Neufeld (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee) "Public Reason and Ideal Theory"

Bob Talisse (Vanderbilt University) "Can Nonideal Theories Guide Action?"

Rosa Terlazzo (Kansas State University) “When is Non-Ideal Theory too Ideal? Adaptive Preferences, Children, and Ideal Theory.”

Laura Valentini (London School of Economics and Political Science) "Utopophobia, Factophobia, and the Idea of a Realistic Utopia"

Justin Weinberg (University of South Carolina) "The Agency of Justice and the Limits (if any) of Political Philosophy"

Danielle Wenner (Carnegie Mellon University) "On the Need for a Non-Ideal Democratic Theory"

David Wiens (University of California, San Diego) “An Internal Problem for Ideal Theory”

Please direct any general inquiries to:

Ms. Priscilla Ibarra

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