Social Trust (2018)

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The Bowling Green Workshop in Applied Ethics and Public Policy

Friday and Saturday April 20-21
(All sessions held at the BGSU Mileti Alumni Center)
Keynote Speaker:

Edward Hinchman (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)  

Workshop Schedule:

Friday, April 20

9-10 - Jeffrey Haines (Florida State University) “Distrust and Diversity”

10-11 - Mark Satta (Harvard Law School) and Lacey Davidson (Purdue University) “Justified Social Distrust”

11-12 -    Agnes Tam (Queen’s University) “Democratic Accountability and Social Trust”

12 -1 - Lunch

1-2 -     Andreas Bergh, Henrik Jordahl, and Richard Ohrvall (Lund University) "How Do Welfare State Regimes Affect Social Trust?"

2-3 -     Ira K. Lindsay (University of Surrey School of Law) “Convention, Social Trust, and Legal Interpretation”

Saturday, April 21

9-10 -  Christian Bjornskov (Aarhus University) “Catalan Secession and the Political Economy of Social Trust”

10-11 - Alida Liberman (University of Indianapolis) "'I Feared for My Life': Police Shootings, Ignorance Bolstering, and Social Distrust"

11-12:30 – Keynote Address
Edward Hinchman (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee) "The Risks and Rewards of Resting Assured: A New Three-Place Analysis of Trust"

12:30 - 2 - Lunch

2-3 -     Michele Bocchiola and Emanuela Ceva (University of Pavia) “Personal Trust, Public Accountability and the Justification of Whistleblowing”

3-4 –    Andrew Schroeder (Claremont McKenna College) “A Better Foundation for Public Trust in Science”

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