Mileti Alumni Center

Mileti Alumni CenterThe Mileti Alumni Center, built in 1976, was equipped and furnished by the generous gifts of thousands of alumni and friends to house the Association staff and provide a home on campus for alumni. The Center symbolizes the strength of the Association and has proven to be a catalyst for alumni involvement and support.

The building also houses the Vice President for University Advancement, the Office of Development, and the BGSU Foundation. Additionally, working space has been allocated for the Student Alumni Connection, the student component of the Alumni Association.

Authority for the control, management and policy over all property and use of the Mileti Alumni Center is vested in the Director of Alumni Affairs or designee. Use of the Mileti Alumni Center is considered a privilege and the Alumni Association reserves the right to control the type of functions and activities that take place in the Center and, in our judgment, are in keeping with the image of the Bowling Green State University Alumni Association.

Given the limited meeting room space available on campus, priority will be given to the campus community. We sincerely hope the BGSU Alumni Association and the Mileti Alumni Center staff can serve you!

Updated: 04/25/2019 10:49AM