What is it like to be an ICS intern?

Hear It From Past ICS Interns


Morgan Taylor

Interned at ICS: Fall 2020 - Spring 2021

I have truly enjoyed working with ICS over the last 8 months. I believe that I have gained more knowledge on working with non-profit organizations, as well as improving my social media and writing skills. This semester, I believe my work has improved and I am really grateful that I was able to have more creative freedom to come up with really great content! Working with ICS allowed me to grow in ways I never expected. I have definitely confirmed that social media and public relations work is something that I want to pursue in the future. The experience I gained here allowed me to gain amazing pieces for my portfolio and I have also implemented this work into my resume.

Autumn BAutumn Bowman

Graduation Year: Spring 2022
Interned at ICS: Spring 2021 | Media Intern

Working with ICS has helped prepare me in multiple ways. It taught me to communicate, that it is okay to ask for help and to not be afraid to make a mistake. I’m used to catching on to things quickly and excelling in them, but with ICS I had to learn a lot and start from the bottom, and work really hard in order to get the job done. This will definitely help me in the future because everything won’t be easy for me, and I just need to push through and do the best that I can.

DeAnnaDeAnna MacKeigan

Interned at ICS: Spring 2021

I think my work at ICS will be very helpful for my future career because as someone who is interested in possibly creating and working on more podcasts, I would be able to show that I have experience with script writing, research, and audio editing for podcasts. In the audio field, it is good to have a portfolio of work that I have done, so I can put the BG Ideas podcast episodes that I have worked on in my portfolio. Podcast editing seems to be an avenue that most audio engineers take in order to begin their careers, so I have this experience with ICS as a potential gateway into more opportunities.

DSC 0415

Nicole Zucco

Graduation Year: Spring 2021
Interned at ICS: Spring 2020 | Project Management Intern 

"During my time at ICS, I gained confidence in a professional setting and learned valuable skills in event planning. I also developed specialized skills such as vetting venues, podcast writing, logistics of working for a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and got to work with such amazing and likeminded people and mentors."

EmmaEmma Vallandingham

Graduation Year: 2020
Interned at ICS: Fall 2019 | Research & Curriculum Development

The most valuable part of my internship with ICS was the opportunity to practice writing for a variety of audiences. As an English major, I am accustomed to writing literary analyses and research papers that showcase my close reading skills and ability to come to meaningful conclusions based on a text. This internship allowed me to write educational and promotional materials for a more general audience, which requires a different set of rhetorical skills and audience awareness that aren’t often used when writing a traditional paper. In this position, I also honed my ability to conduct meaningful research and collaborate with others on projects. I am so grateful to the ICS for this internship opportunity— it has helped me broaden my knowledge of certain topics, become a more informed and compassionate citizen (and gave me the platform to help others become one as well), and confidently collaborate with others on important projects. I know that the knowledge and skills gained in the position will help me as I move into grad school and beyond.

Strati MoustakeasStrati Moustakeas

Graduation Year: 2019
Interned at ICS: Fall 2018 & Spring 2019 | Public Relations

My time at ICS was a great experience to expand myself professionally. As the senior PR intern, I dedicated my time in the office to fine tuning my skills as a PR practitioner and learning how to interact and collaborate within the workplace. My time at ICS was so much more than that though. The dedication of the director and graduate assistant in creating a more robust dialogue and enhanced interdisciplinary collaborations shifted the way I viewed the world. It allowed me to become more considerate and sympathetic, as well as analyze situations from multiple perspectives. Leaving ICS, I feel more than adequately prepared for my post-grad life and believe the organization instilled a spirit within me to fight for a more equitable future.

emily malloy cropEmily Malloy

Interned at ICS: Spring 2019 | Research & Curriculum Development

I really enjoyed my internship at ICS and I got a lot out of it! I liked researching sources for the Local Activist Panel on Housing and Arne Spohr LibGuides because I found those topics interesting and I got to learn more about them. It was also helpful for me to develop research and professional writing skills. I always got helpful feedback from other interns, Elizabeth, and Dr. Sheffer which was valuable because now I am used to receiving constructive feedback and thinking about projects holistically. I also worked to promote accessibility, specifically on the website, which I liked doing. I learned a lot about specific ways to be more inclusive like by using alt-text on images along with using subtitles on podcasts and videos. I will be able to use this knowledge about how to edit websites along with how to promote accessibility at events and with technology in future leadership positions and after college. Additionally, this internship gave me more experience with professional writing because I wrote personalized campus outreach emails to faculty and other documents like the Melissa Miller’s event introduction. This will help me throughout college and beyond whenever I need to write professionally. Another thing I enjoyed a lot was getting a backstage look at how to organize events. I liked getting to see details needed for planning events that I hadn’t really thought about before like making checklists for what everyone involved is responsible for and when they will have their tasks completed. I can definitely use this knowledge after college when I work in the Corporate Social Responsibility field to plan fundraising event to help nonprofits. All things considered, this ICS internship was great and gave me a bunch of transferable skills for college and for my career after college.