Research Clusters

ICS coordinates and supports research clusters that serve a variety of purposes and take a number of forms depending on faculty needs and interests. They are intended to provide support for members' ongoing research projects; they are opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration; and they are forums for structured exchange of theories and methodologies across disciplines.  

Over the years, ICS research clusters have:

  • Provided an arena for discussion of new cultural theories
  • Facilitated faculty research by offering a forum for feedback and support of work-in-progress
  • Planned conferences, workshops, and symposia
  • Created opportunities for collaborative research and interdisciplinary projects

Clusters are also encouraged to develop innovative pedagogy and curriculum based on their collaboration. Regular participating members of ICS Clusters are eligible to apply fo financial support to co-teach a class. See the ICS Cluster Team-Teaching Webpage for more information.  

ICS welcomes applications for new research clusters. Please complete an ICS Research Cluster Proposal Form in which you describe the specific focus of the group, the rationale for it, the goals the group will aim to accomplish, a list of likely participants, and any financial needs the group anticipates. For guidance, feel free to look at this Cluster Proposal Model as an example of a proposal that fits well within the aims of ICS research clusters. Please submit completed proposal forms to BOTH AND

Updated: 02/05/2024 08:14AM