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“Music, Memory, and Change in Arab America”

Monday, November 15th at 7 PM EST (via Zoom)

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Dr. Christopher Witulski, Assistant Teaching Professor of Ethnomusicology at Bowling Green State University, will present his research on how music and performance shape identity in Arab American communities, creating continuity with the past and creating new traditions. Witulski’s collaborative research foregrounds the voices of these communities, both past and present, as he explores the factors that bring people together and drive them apart.

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 “Sacred Mobilizations: Sanctuary Churches and Sanctuary Schools”

Wednesday, December 1st at 7PM EST (via Zoom)

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Dr. Bruce Collet, Professor in the School of Educational Foundations, Leadership, and Policy in the College of Education and Human Development at Bowling Green State University, and his research partner, Dr. Luis Fernando Macías, Assistant Professor in the Department of Chicano and Latin American Studies at California State University, Fresno, will discuss the differences and commonalities of nearly two dozen sanctuary churches and schools across the country. This virtual discussion will examine how churches and school sanctuaries function to resist anti-immigrant sentiment in the contemporary moment.

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Light Forms: Glass Modular Elements for Creating Built Environments

Public Lecture:
Thursday, March 31st, 11:00 a.m. in the Dorothy Bryan Gallery, Fine Arts Center, BGSU
Community Engagement Workshop:
Thursday, March 31st, 1:00 p.m. in the Glass Studio, Fine Arts Center, BGSU
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Alli Hoag, Glass Area Head and Assistant Professor of Glass at BGSU, has partnered with Catie Newell, Director of Digital and Material Technologies Program at the University of Michigan to develop a glass modular building unit to reconnect the indoors with the world outside. A central focus of this design is to connect human inhabitants to the natural rhythms of light and and dark, known as circadian rhythms, which are important in determining the sleeping and feeding patterns of all animals, including human beings. There are clear patterns of brain wave activity, hormone production, cell regeneration and other biological activities linked to this daily cycle.

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Thank You for Listening: Effective Messaging in Constituent Communications

Public Lecture:
Tuesday, April 19th, 7:00 Way Public Library, 101 E Indiana Ave, Perrysburg
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Community Engagement Workshop:
Tuesday, April 26th, 7:00 p.m. at Way Public Library, 101 E Indiana Ave, Perrysburg
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Dr. Niki Kalaf-Hughes is a Spring 2022 ICS Fellow, and we are excited to announce her public lecture and workshop. The United States Constitution gives citizens the right to petition elected officials, and research shows constituent communications to be key for aspects of a democracy considered normatively important, such as the accountability of elected officials and a legislator's policy focus. At the same time, evidence suggests a level of bias in government responses, implying not all constituent petitions receive comparable attention from elected officials. This problem has been heightened during the pandemic, as state and local elected officials have received an unprecedented volume of communications from within and outside of their districts. Further, as communications between individuals and elected officials are often private, little is known about what communications say, what type of response they generate, and when and how they influence policy. Using an interdisciplinary approach, this research examines what makes for an effective constituent appeal and explores when, how, and with whom individuals can achieve effective communication with their elected officials. 

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