Faculty Fellowship Program

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ICS Faculty Fellowship program was postponed for the 2020-2021 academic year. Please stay tuned for information about our 2021-2022 ICS Faculty Fellows! Applications for 2022-2023 will be due in October 2021.

ICS Scholars & Artists in Residence Fellowships

ICS supports research and creative work in areas where external funding is likely to be limited. We are unable to support projects of a purely scientific, technological, or quantitative nature; projects that involve curriculum development without resulting in significant publication of some kind; or projects from scholars external to Bowling Green State University.

Characteristics of the Award Program

Each year up to five BGSU faculty members may receive ICS awards to pursue research or creative work for one semester. During the award period, the selected Fellows are freed from teaching and service responsibilities so that they may devote unimpeded time to their projects.

During the award period recipients are expected to remain in residency, participate actively in the intellectual community at ICS, and offer at least one public lecture about their work. ICS Fellows also are asked to acknowledge the role of the institute in publications and creative projects that result from their residency. An ICS fellowship award may be combined with a one-semester Faculty Improvement Leave for a two-term residency at the institute.

Institute Fellows remain on regular academic-year salary throughout the award period. Instructional units receive compensation to offset the release time of selected faculty (a maximum of $5,000 for a one-semester residency in all cases and for all colleges).


All full-time BGSU faculty members who have successfully completed one Enhanced Performance Review are eligible to apply for a fellowship. Awards to untenured (probationary or nontenure-track) faculty are contingent upon reappointment.

Faculty who have previously received an institute award must wait at least five years before reapplying. No more than two faculty from one department or program may be in residence at ICS in any given academic year.


Access the online application to collect necessary signatures through docusign and submit the following materials via email to ics@bgsu.edu:

  • Current CV
  • Project Description (1,000 words maximum): The project description should be written in a clear, jargon-free style intelligible to colleagues outside the applicant’s area of expertise. Provide a concise overview articulating:
    • The nature, scope, and intended outcome of the work
    • Central ideas, problems, or questions examined in the research/creative project being pursued
    • Intellectual significance of the project, including how you will complement, challenge, or expand existing scholarship
    • Social relevance and impact on university and area communities. The larger significance or implications of the project for the applicant’s scholarly or creative field and for the study of culture and society more generally
    • Longer-term goals for the project, what you plan to accomplish during the leave semester, and the form the final product will take.
    • Potential audiences for the work, including those on-campus as well as in the wider community.

In addition to the written project description, artists may submit supplementary materials such as slides, photos, or videos with their application packets.

Review Criteria

  • Clarity and conceptual coherence of the project
  • Originality, importance, or substance of the ideas the applicant proposes to investigate
  • Significance of the project for interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary study
  • Significance of the project to a broader understanding of culture and society
  • Probability that the project will lead to a tangible research/creative product (e.g., scholarly article, artwork, book chapter, etc.)
  • Degree to which the project is sufficiently well conceived to be completed in a timely manner
  • Ways in which the project will enrich BGSU communities and the broader public

Proposal Evaluation Procedures 

Applications are reviewed by the ICS Executive Board and the ICS Director. Award recommendations are forwarded for approval to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and the Vice-Provost for Research.

Dates & Deadlines

Applications for the 2020-2021 fellowship year are currently being accepted. Signature should be collected through docusign and supplementary materials should be submitted by email to ics@bgsu.edu by deadline set in Fall 2020.

Have questions about ICS Faculty Fellowships?

Watch the recording below of our 2018 informational session on ICS Faculty Fellowships, where previous fellows and ICS Director Jolie Sheffer shared their experiences with the Fellowship Program and answered questions about applying for and utilizing ICS Fellowships!