Is the application deadline firm?

The application deadline may be extended by up to two weeks depending on how many applications are received by the original date. However, for best consideration applicants should submit all materials prior to the original deadline.

What should be included in the application?

Upon completion of the online form applications will be asked to provide a:

Project Title (75 characters maximum)

Project Description for Publicity (250 words maximum, in accessible language.) This description should address how the proposed fellowship project will utilize the humanities to benefit communities beyond the academy. Your description should reflect how you will build both civic and intellectual community by generating and sharing knowledge outside the university. If the applicant wishes to include a community partner, the extent of community involvement should be laid out clearly for reviewers. Applicants do not need to have an established relationship with a community partner at this stage of the application but must explain what type of community engagement is central to the project and what communities (local, regional, national, or international) would be a part of the project. 

Project Narrative (1,000 words maximum): The project description should be written in a clear, jargon-free style that is broadly accessible to colleagues outside the applicant’s discipline and the wider community. The narrative should describe how the project aligns with ICS's mission, vision, and principles. ICS welcomes interdisciplinary approaches that employ the humanities to inspire and empower diverse publics to use their voices, experiences, and expertise to contribute to the public good both in and outside of the academy. ICS defines the humanities as the qualitative study of society and culture, the written and oral narratives that shape people’s lived experiences and potential for change. We define the public good as increasing access, equity, and opportunity via social, cultural, and civic engagement.

Narrative Bio that explains how you are well positioned to complete this project, based on your previous work and/or experiences.

A brief timeline of the project should be included in order to better understand the feasibility of the project being proposed.

In addition to the written project description, artists may submit supplementary materials such as slides, photos, or videos with their application packets. (Maximum of three documents; note file size limits.)

What counts as a community partner?

A community partner can be an individual, group, public or private partners, non profit, for profit, government entity, grassroots organization, etc.

An established collaboration with a community partner is not needed upon completion of the application but applicants must have a specific notion of the community they are interested in when applying. Contact with the community in question should have already been made by the time Fellowship begins.

Who can apply?

All full-time BGSU faculty members who have successfully completed one Enhanced Performance Review (EPR) are eligible to apply for a fellowship. Awards to untenured (probationary or QRF) faculty are contingent upon reappointment.

Faculty who have previously received an institute award must wait at least five years before reapplying. No more than two faculty from one department or program may be in residence at ICS in any given academic year. Priority will be given to applicants who have not previously received an ICS Fellowship.

Does ICS fund projects that are located within the hard sciences?

Due to ICS’ commitment to the humanities, the organization remains committed to providing fellows with the opportunity to conduct holistic qualitative research which is not typical of the hard sciences or quantitative studies.

What does the review process include?

All fellowship applications will be graded based on their alignment with ICS’ mission, vision, principles which can be found here as well as the over all feasibility of their project.

What will applicants get out of the experience?

By applying for the ICS Faculty Fellowship position, applicants will gain experience creating a humanities based project proposal and will receive feedback from the ICS Executive Board.

Who reviews the application? 

The ICS Executive Board which consists of BGSU faculty and staff from multiple disciplines and expertises as well as members of local community organizations whose work lies outside of the academy.

Can applicants apply multiple times?

Yes, applicants are encouraged to reapply. There is no limit on the amount of times an applicant can apply for a faculty fellowship position. Applicants who have previously been awarded can reapply for a new project after five years. 

Updated: 04/15/2024 11:07AM