Bachelor of Fine Arts

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program offers comprehensive and rigorous training in the art of writing, and develops students' skills in preparation for numerous post-graduate careers.  

To provide rich cultural and historical contexts for students' original work in the BFA program, students take studio-oriented fiction and poetry writing workshops; foundational courses in modern and contemporary American and English literature and world literature from ancient times to the present; and a course in linguistics and the history of languages. Students complete general education courses in foreign languages, the natural and social sciences, and the humanities to obtain a well-rounded education. Candidates for graduation must complete a BFA thesis, which they present at BFA graduation readings.


Standards for admission to the BFA are high. Among other requirements, students must complete introductory writing classes, which focus on intensive reading, critical essay, and basic craft knowledge of creative writing. To continue on into upper-division classes (3rd and 4th years), students are required to successfully complete Eng 2040, 2050, 2060, and 2090. Additionally, a portfolio and interview are required. Click here to view or download guidelines in MS Word. These upper-division classes focus on extensive writing and revision, refinement of craft, and definition of artistic goals.

Arts Village - Dance, art, theatre, music, creative writing--if those pursuits interest you as a profession or an avocation, the Arts Village will be an extraordinary learning community for you. Open to students in any major, the Arts Village involves exploring all aspects of the arts and sharing views with one another and faculty of various disciplines. The community offers on-site classes specifically geared toward art students, collaborative projects, activities and social events. The Arts Village is located in Darrow Hall in Kreisher Quadrangle. Contact Joel O'Dorisio, Director. Click here for more details.

Prairie Margins, the annual undergraduate literary publication, accepts submissions of high quality from students. Students also have the opportunity to serve on the editorial and publication staff of the magazine.

High School Preparation

A solid background in English composition, mathematics and foreign language is essential for the successful completion of the program in creative writing. While students who lack adequate preparation in one or more of these areas may be admitted to BGSU, such a student's admission to, and completion of the major may be delayed by the requirement that deficiencies be corrected.

Please contact Danielle Burkin with any additional questions.

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