September 2022 ASC Newsletter

Leadership Meeting Overview

Each month, the ASC Chair and Chair Elect meet with President Rogers and Human Resource leadership to discuss initiatives that directly impact administrative staff. Below you will find brief notes from our last meetings. If you have questions you want us to bring to our next meetings or a solution to an issue you have identified, please submit them through our ASC form.

Last meeting: Wednesday, Aug. 24
Next meeting: Wednesday, Sept. 28

President's Report:

  • Happy with the Weeks of Welcome opening. Student events and move-in was well attended. 
  • The construction of the Gateway project is moving along nicely. The fountain went in recently.
  • The University's persistence goal continues to be 80%. It does not appear that this goal will be met this year. 
  • The University continues to seek out new revenue streams. It's a priority for BGSU to keep tuition and other fees as low as possible for students and with the traditional student population shrinking, thinking outside of the box and finding areas to cut unneccessary spending is the primary focus. 

ASC Discussion Items:

  • Voter Turnout Initiatives - During the June 2022 meeting with the President, we discussed how local and state politics directly impact our University, and in turn administrative staff. During this discussion, President Rogers stressed the importance of students voting in the Bowling Green election and asked ASC to provide a list of ideas for the university to consider to help promote civic engagement and voter turnout. Here is the list we provided for consideration during the August meeting:
    • Invite a guest speaker to present at an ASC General meeting to discuss volunteer opportunities and the impact local and state elections have on the University.  
    • ASC will promote civic engagement opportunities and resources hosted by administrative staff in the monthly newsletter and at general meetings.
    • Offer paid time off for volunteer service hours.
    • Encourage managers to offer flexible hours to their staff for voting purposes.
  • ASC Communication - We reviewed the new ASC Question & Feedback form that was rolled out this month and our new newsletter format. We let President Rogers know that we will be providing meeting minutes in our newsletter as our continued commitment to open transparency. 
  • Staff Morale & Retention - We presented President Rogers with concerns of the ongoing issue of inflation and staff work-life balance. ASC continues to hear from administrative staff that they are overworked so we offered a couple of ideas that could help combat this. These were:
    • Asking management and staff to limit all emails after hours. If work must be done after hours, schedule emails to be sent during work hours. 
    • Continue to encourage departments to allow staff to utilize the flexible work policy for all staff positions that do not require in-person work every day. 

Submit a Question or Suggestion for our next meeting

Last meeting: Tuesday, Aug. 2
Next meeting: Thursday, Sept. 15

HR Report

  • Replacement of HireTouch with new software, NEOED, this fall. Trainings will be offered with the rollout. 
  • New dedicated resource in Marketing and Brand Strategy to help disseminate information and with creation and distribution of a newsletter. If you see something confusing or something that needs to be updated on the website, please email Sandy Heck at
  • The department is looking into launching a leisure benefits webpage to keep staff updated on the extra perks they have access to as a BGSU employee. 

ASC Discussion Items

  • Extended an invitation to present at the ASC October General Meeting. The invitation was accepted and they will present during the first 20 minutes on Oct. 6. HR will be reviewing the 2023 health benefits offerings and rates. Time will be provided for questions and (as always) the meeting is open to anyone who wants to attend. General meeting details
  • We discussed the continued importance of PACHWI, the President's Advisory Council on Health, Wellness and Insurance. We have appointed three administrative staff members to serve on the committee and they will serve as advocates for all administrative staff for the next three years. 

Additional Notes from the Chair

If you find yourself in need of workplace resolution support, please consider reaching out to one of our Ombuds. Omubds are designated administrative staff employees who serve as impartial dispute resolution practitioners. Their major function is to provide confidential and informal assistance to BGSU administrative staff in the resolution of workplace issues. You can find their contact information and learn more on our Ombuds webpage

Submit a Question or Suggestion for our next meeting

Submit a Question for Leadership

If you have a question or have an idea on how to resolve an issue you have noticed, that effect Administrative Staff and/or the greater good, please complete this anonymous form. 

The ASC Chair and Chair-elect have standing monthly meetings with the Office of the President, Office of Human Resources and the ASC Executive Committee (which is a confidential group of admin staff, elected to serve you.)

Question & Solution Form

ASC Homecoming Tailgate & Fundraiser

Saturday, Sept. 17 | 2-5 p.m.
Tent located outside of Doyt L. Perry Football Stadium

All administrative staff and their families are invited to the Administrative Staff Council (ASC) Homecoming tailgate tent to learn more about ASC and score some swag!

During the tailgate, we will be accepting donations for the ASC Student Scholarship Fund. Change, cash or checks will be accepted at the tent.

First-Generation Staff Survey

In an effort to better support first-generation students at BGSU, the First-Gen Commission is reaching out to identify faculty and staff at BGSU who identify as having been first-generation college students or have an interest in learning more about supporting first-generation college students.

At BGSU a student is considered first-generation if their parent(s) have not earned a Bachelor’s Degree.

Take the survey

Recognizing your Staff

A common theme we hear from administrative staff supervisors, is they are looking for more ways to awknowledge their team members. Through ASC, we offer a monthly way supervisors (and colleagues) can do just that – through the Spirit of BG Award.

Just being nominated for an award can really boost morale, so we encourage all administrative staff to nominate someone deserving, and often.

Awards are given monthly during the academic year and consist of a check for $50, congratulations from colleagues and friends and a certificate of appreciation.

Submit a nomination

July's Spirit of BG Award Winner
Congratulations, Jennifer Buening!

Congratulations to Jennifer Buening from Academic and Career Counseling at Firelands College! Jennifer is the winner of the July Spirit of BG Award! Jenn was nominated by Seth Campbell. Here’s a bit of what they had to say about Jenn:

“Jennifer has expanded her influence in a variety of areas to promote BGSU, and BGSU Firelands. As the Director of Academic and Career Counseling, she and her team work one-on-one with students and families as they navigate their transition to BGSU Firelands and matriculation through to graduation. Jenn serves on administrative staff council, ensuring BGSU Firelands has a voice within the larger University body. Jenn has worked collaboratively with faculty and the Office of Student Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion to expand retention efforts through student organization cultivation to re-establish a vibrant campus life through co-curricular experiences for our students. She has assisted in community outreach by participating in the local Sandusky Rotary Club and through working with faculty, staff, and student organization leaders to promote student organization development and alumni outreach at Sandusky Pride and at the Sandusky Stars and Stripes Celebration. She works tirelessly to engage, retain, and develop meaningful relationships with all of whom she has contact with. Many students sing Jenn's praises, by saying her guidance, support, and mentorship is the reason they've made it through to graduation. Jennifer is a gem and champion of BGSU Firelands. We are beyond fortunate to have her. For these reasons, and for so many more that can't be summed up in 250 words, I nominate Jennifer Buening for the Spirit of BG Award.”

Thanks for your hard work, Jenn!

August's Spirit of BG Award Winner
Congratulations, Jason Graven!

Congratulations to Jason Graven from Nontraditional and Military Student Services! Jason is the winner of the August Spirit of BG Award and was nominated by BGSU student Ryan Schoenike. Here’s a bit of what they had to say about Jason:

“In 2021, Mr. Graven was awarded Student Veterans of America Chapter Advisor of the Year at the SVA National Conference. Having personally dealt with Jason since the beginning of my first semester here at BG in the spring “winter” of 22’. No one is more deserving than he. He graduated from UT yet he works here, in BG. Why? Because Jason’s and BGSU’s values align with the commitment to not only provide the tools and resources veterans need to succeed but are committed to walk alongside you every step of the way and if that doesn’t scream the “Spirit of BG” I don’t know what else would.

Whether Jason is helping me get connected to the right resources, making sure all of my documentation is completed promptly and correctly, he also takes the time to check on my well-being. He not only does this for me but every single student/veteran that walks in the SVA’s office. Our campus veteran organization/department wouldn’t be the same without him so I wanted to take the time to submit his name for the “Spirit of BG Award.”

You can wear all the school colors in the world but the true BG Spirit is being mission driven.”

Thanks for your hard work, Jason!

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