Financial Resources


TRIO Student Support Services works to improve the financial literacy and economic literacy of member students.  In addition to retention advising and coaching with TRIO Staff, financial literacy workshops are provided on basic personal income, household money management, financial planning skills, and basic economic decisionmaking skills.

Grant Aid

TRIO SSS students that are Pell Grant recipients may apply for TRIO SSS Grant Aid once they complete a financnial literacy workshop and complete two TRIO SSS meetings.  The limited grant aid pool is awared first to eligible students in their first 2 years of college and then to higher rank students that are at risk of dropping out due to financial issues.


Continuing TRIO students participating in SSS activities who show academic success are eligible to apply for the TRIO Scholarship spring semester to be awared in the fall. TRIO Scholarships are announced at the TRIO Day Awards Ceremony at the end of spring semester for the following fall semester.  The number of awards are determined by donations to the TRIO Scholarship fund.

Additional scholarships and other financial benefits may be offered through the following organizations that assist TRIO Programs at the regional and national level:

Financial Literacy Links

Information about applying for grants and loans:

BGSU financial literacy resources:

360 Degrees of Financial Literacy:

TRIO SSS students may access additional Financial Literacy information in our virtual TRIO SSS Community in Canvas.

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