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Please note: all TRIO SSS courses are only open to members of TRIO SSS.  You must be admitted to TRIO SSS before enrolling in these courses.

MATH 1190S and MATH 1220S

Student Support Services offers two math courses: MATH 1190S and MATH 1220S.  These classes count for credit and grading the same as the regular sections of MATH 1190 and MATH 1220.  SSS math courses offer in person instruction and additional supplemental instruction.  Daily learning and practice of math concepts and knowledge will build stronger foundations for student success in math and science.

UNIV 1100: Student Success Seminar

Student Support Services exclusively offers UNIV 1100, Student Success Seminar, for continuing students that wish to further develop their study skills and habits that lead to academic and life success.

Updated: 01/24/2022 11:22AM