National Student Employment Week


The National Student Employment Association has declared that the second full week in April every year be set aside to recognize the value of student employees and student employment professionals.

Student employees are the lifeblood of Bowling Green State University. They are integral to nearly every facet of University operations throughout a student’s career at BGSU, from a student’s first recruiting interaction, through graduation and successful advancement into the community as a BGSU alum. Their hard work is seen everywhere across campus, from the maintenance and cleanliness of the grounds and buildings, to all functions of the Student Recreation Center and the Learning Commons, to every aspect of Residence Life and Dining. They outnumber faculty and permanent staff by a wide margin, and are responsible for many of the day-to-day tasks involved in the vast majority of BGSU departments.

With this in mind, we invite you to help us celebrate the wonderful efforts and accomplishments of our student employees during this year’s National Student Employment Week, held April 10-14, 2023.

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We know you appreciate the hard work and dedication of the student employees who are an integral part of your team. Here are some ideas on how you can show them how much you value their contributions.





  • Recognize the smiling faces of your student employees on social media! Use our hashtag: #bgsumakeitwork.
  • Perform a random act of kindness or give students a compliment on a job well done — anything to show your appreciation and make your student employees smile!
  • Take a picture displaying your proud student employee. 


  • Show your students how much you appreciate them by printing these “You Make It Work” placards. Write in your student employees’ names and display them in your department. For larger departments, you may want to recognize whole groups or teams, such as “Starbucks Crew” or “Dunkin Donuts Team.”


  • Take some time out of your day to go for a quick walk with one or more of your students. Use this time to check in, learn something new about them or talk to them about their classes. For an added bonus, make your destination somewhere like Starbucks, Jamba Juice or Outtakes and buy them a coffee, smoothie or candy bar as a thank you.


  • Put together small treat and then attach your favorite appreciation pun. Use one of our favorites or create your own!
    - “Thanks for going the EXTRA mile!” attached to a pack of Extra gum.
    - “Bursting to tell you — You’re doing an AMAZING job!” attached to Starbursts.
    - “Just POPPING by to say thanks!” attached to a pack of popcorn.
    - “You’re all that and a bag of chips!” attached to a bag of chips or other crunchy treat.
    - “We’d be NUTS if we didn’t thank you!” attached to a small bag of nuts.


  • Write out or type up a thank you to recognize each student’s specific contribution your team. Give them a “You Make It Work” thank you card or send them a special email if you’re unable to catch them in person.


Hello _____,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the hard work and dedication you have demonstrated as a member of our _____ team! I know I speak for my colleagues as well when I say that we're very grateful for your contribution and... (if expected to continue on team) look forward to continuing our work together. (or if graduating) wish you every success in your future endeavors.   

  • Tell your students to bring their “thank you” into Student Employment Services (225 Bowen-Thompson Student Union) so they can enter to win raffle prizes!


  • Ask students to complete a survey with their year, major, months of service, where they’re from and a favorite hobby.
  • Share the results on social media or within your department to share. Celebrate the similarities and differences of your student staff!
  • Example: “Did you know that BGSU Catering has 78 student staff members majoring in Marketing?” or “Fifty percent of Rec & Wellness student employees say their favorite hobby is reading — our staff loves to exercise their bodies and minds!”



It would be hard to overstate the importance of student employee contributions to BGSU and the surrounding community! Take a few moments to read these testimonials of how employers have come to count on their student employees, and how the students have benefited from their work experience.


I chose this job because I could attend classes and work very easily by being on campus. I love my job because I am surrounded by encouraging people that help, challenge and care about me. I am now able to better face challenges and I have gained valuable knowledge that will benefit me in my future career. I am so grateful that I chose to work there; it has truly enhanced my college experience!
Drew Peterson
Processing Assistant, Student Financial Aid

I have been working with Student Employment Services during my entire BGSU career — three years, beginning with the first week of freshman year. I hope to continue through graduation. I chose this job because the staff was passionate about their jobs and made the workplace a positive environment. I also enjoy spending time with my co-workers and other students, as well as having the opportunity to meet many different people. I hope to take away the passion and dedication to my work that I’ve experienced here.
Courtney Parson
Student Clerical I, Student Employment Services

I have been working in the Financial Aid office for almost a year and chose this job because I wanted to help other students to make wise decisions regarding their accounts at BGSU. I love being able to help others make good decisions for their future while encouraging them to work towards their goals. This job has helped me to understand the importance of planning out decisions and goals for a successful college career.
Kaitlyn Gorsuch
Receptionist, Firelands – Financial Aid

I chose this particular job because of the flexibility to work around my class schedule. It is also convenient that the office is open weekdays 8-5, leaving my weekends free. My favorite part about my job is being so involved with the campus. I am often running back and forth from the different departments here at Firelands, forming good friendships with the other workers. I have gained amazing people skills and learned many facts about the organization, which will stay with me and help me tremendously in years to come.
Kalynn Welch
Receptionist, Firelands – Admissions

I applied because I love the customer service aspect of the position, and have been part of the Outtakes/BGSU Dining Team for the past three years! Each day brings different challenges, which I like because I get to problem-solve and improvise. For me, the skills I have learned here, particularly as Clerical Assistant, are invaluable and have inspired me to go into Human Resources as a career.
Justin Roth
Shift Lead and Clerical Assistant, Dining Services


As the coordinator, I get the pleasure of meeting each one of our student workers, and I can honestly say that the caliber of our student employees is exceptional. They bring with them energy, professionalism and awareness of our institutional mission. Our student workers have proven to be effective spokespersons for our campus, representing the institution favorably in their interactions with prospective students, alumni, donors and faculty. Student employees are the face of Firelands, and their work is essential in carrying out the mission to enhance the lives of all that are friends of BGSU Firelands. THANK YOU for all the hard work you to do help us move forward!
Victoria Kontos
Assistant Director of Admissions & Scholarships, Firelands – Admissions

Student employees are essential to the success of our office. Our student workers help fellow students and parents by providing them information on their financial aid and by helping walk them through the process. They take time to solve issues other students may have along the way. Student employees are the face of our office as they work the front desk and we are fortunate to have such a talented and hardworking crew.
Jason Hartigan
Business Analyst, Student Financial Aid

From taking calls from current and prospective students, guiding them through the financial aid process, and processing the documents and forms that are received in our office, our student employees help keep our office running. As a supervisor, I enjoy being able to work with and mentor them, and watch them grow. While in our office, our students learn valuable skills that they are able to use both in the classroom and in their careers. We have had a number of our students go on to be financial aid professionals.
Ryan Czech
Student Services Counselor, Student Financial Aid



Media Monday
  • Post your favorite student employment story using #CelebrateYourStudents to enter a drawing for giveaways  
Trivia Tuesday
  • Answer a student employment trivia question on @BGSUStuEmp to enter a drawing for giveaways courtesy of BGSU Dining and Student Employment Services
Words of Wisdom Wednesday
  • Post your advice for future Falcon Student Employees on Twitter using #CelebrateYourStudents to enter a drawing for giveaways courtesy of BGSU Dining and Student Employment Services
Thank You Thursday
  • Thank your supervisor or coworkers for a wonderful year using #CelebrateYourStudents to enter a drawing for giveaways courtesy of BGSU Dining and Student Employment Services
Free Stuff Friday
  • Supervisors: Recognize your graduating student employee using #CelebrateYourStudents to enter them into a drawing for giveaways courtesy of BGSU Dining and Student Employment Services

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