Services & Events

The staff of Student Employment Services offers assistance to employers and students to meet their employment needs. We offer individualized consultation services and workshops to staff and student on a variety of topics (see below). For information and scheduling, call 419-372-2865 or send a message to

Workshops for students

  • "Hire" Education
  • 30 minute resume consultations for students creating their first resume or seeking a part-time or seasonal job (on or off campus)
  • Individualized demonstrations on how to use Handshake to identify positions, create and save a customized search, and set up your account so that you are notified via email when jobs that meet your search criteria are posted
  • Job search strategies for finding a part-time or seasonal job on-campus or off-campus

SES services for employers

  • Supervisor workshops and small group presentations
  • One-on-one consultation on hiring processes and procedures
  • Consultations on a variety of workplace topics, including:
    • Designing job descriptions and information on prevailing wage rates
    • Tips for marketing your organization to students
    • Setting work performance standards
    • Coaching students for improved work performance
    • Implementing a progressive discipline process

Student Employment Service Events

National Student Employment Week
April 8-12, 2024

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