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SETGO Mentor and Assistant Professor Hans Wildschutte of BGSU's Biological Sciences Department has been funded for three years with $300,000 by the National Institutes of Health for his lab research studying bacterial strains that show potential as the basis for new antibiotics with therapeutic properties. His work was featured in the leading journal Science last fall. To view/read the article by BGSU's Marketing and Brand Strategy, click here.

Brian Rutter, a second year graduate student from the Phuntumart Laboratory and 2009 SETGO Summer Research Scholar has won the Oomycete Travel Award to present his research findings this Mat at the Oomycete Molecular Genetic Network in China. His project involves identifying a vowel transcription factor from Phytophthora sojae, a soybean pathogen using yeast on hybrid system.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry and 2011 SSR mentor, Dr. Ksenija Glusac, was chosen for a National Science Foundation Early Career Development Award, one of only four BGSU faculty members who have received this honor. Dr. Glusac receives the $550,000 award for her research in "Imminium Salts as Potential Water Oxidation Catalysts" June 15, 2011.

Associate Professor of Biology and 2009-2011 SSR mentor, Dr. Helen Michaels along with her graduate and undergraduate student research team are working to find and map the plant known as the "flowering rush" in the waters of the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge. These efforts are to stop the invasion of this plant and are funded by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Dr. Peter Gorsevski as co-investigator along with Dr. Enrique Gomezdelcampo of the Environmental Sciences program will work to separate the flowering rush's spectral signature from its surrounding plants and water.

Dr. Zhaohui Xu, Assistant Professor of Biology and SSR mentor receive university funding to help develop her research and its potential for commercialization. Offered through the Vice President for Research and Economic Development, the $25,000 Commercialization Catalyst Award aims to give promising research a boost by providing the funding necessary to bring the results of faculty and student research and creative activity to the marketplace.

SETGO Summer Research 2010 Computer Science research team consisting of faculty mentor, Dr. Ray Kresman and his SSR students, Alec Deitz and Jonathan Gear designed the BGSU shuttle tracking system app for smart phones. Soon BGSU students with these phones will be able to view the real-time, exact location of every BGSU shuttle on their routes. This program will use GPS technology installed within each bus.

BGSU President, Dr. Carol Cartwright, recognizes the SETGO program in Step #3 of her Strategic Plan for BGSU (Identifying and pursuing economic development and curricular engagement opportunities) during her "State of the University" speech on Thursday, October 15th. In this speech she mentions the SETGO Summer Research accomplishments of two specific 2009 SETGO Summer Research students. Jennifer Noland, a non-traditional senior majoring in math with a minor in biology at BGSU, and Stacey Burris, an Owens student majoring in biology and planning to transfer to BGSU

-- BGSU biologists' and SSR mentors work published in Nature -- Drs. Vipa Phuntumart and Paul Morris both have recent publications. 

-- Juan L. Bouzat, 2009 and 2011 SSR mentor, featured in Columbus Dispatch article on desert toads. Article brought to you by BGSU Monitor Headlines and the Columbus Dispatch "When toads collide" Researchers want to know whether development is forcing two desert species to cross-breed.
Sunday, August 2, 2009 3:28 AM

-- SETGO Summer Research Scholar 2009 and undergraduate inventor James Baker with Charles Codding Jr. and SETGO mentor Barry Piersol from the BGSU Technology department and the Electric Vehicle Institute develop the biomass gasifier.

-- Amanda Ramirez, Stacey Burris and Jennifer Noland are SETGO Summer Research 2009 scholars, interviewed by the BGSU Monitor for an article over the summer regarding their SETGO Summer Research projects and the benefits of this experience.

-- November 10, 2009 article about SETGO Summer Research mentors Michael McKay, George Bullerjahn on New research on Lake Erie ‘Dead Zone’ - article from the The Toledo Blade

-- BGSU Symposium Highlighting Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity recognizes efforts of SETGO student researchers... 2009 Award Winners include Heather Allamon with Dr. Jeff Miner, Myshala Cummings with Dr. George Bullerjahn, Tom Donahue with Dr. Steven Seubert and Dr. Devin McAuley, Dan Roth with Dr. Andrew Layden, Nicole VanDuzen and Alexandra Schmucker with Dr. Paul Morris, Jessica Zavadil with Dr. Mike Geusz, and Gabrielle Knafler with Dr. Juan Bouzat

-- SETGO Summer Research scholars Jeremy Didion and Tom Donahue were among eleven students selected for the NCUR Travel Scholarship Award, sponsored by the Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (CURS). Jeremy's project titled, Recognition of visual objects by shape and color in the African cichlid Melanochromis auratus and Tom's titled, Connectionist Model of Auditory Categorization Task, were presented at the University of Montana (Missoula, MT) from April 15-17, 2010.

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