SETGO Bridge (IDS 110) - formerly the ORB (IDS 290)

The SETGO Bridge (IDS 110) formerly called Owens Ready Bridge (IDS 290) is a non-residential academic program designed to fill the gap between high school and university-level courses and give college-bound students (current juniors or seniors in high school) an edge in their first year STEM studies. During this 4-week program you will join a supportive, small group for hands-on, integrated laboratory and classroom instruction for 10-12 hours each week.

The bridge curriculum highlights the interconnection between the physical and natural sciences, and how mathematics supports scientific inquiry. It is taught by an interdisciplinary team of Owens faculty: Anne Bullerjahn (Genetics); Pam Krompak (Math); Joanne Roehrs (Ecology), and Erika Scheuffler (Chemistry). You must apply for the SETGO program using the application from the link provided in the "To Apply:" section below before registering for this course, (IDS 110 in the summer course catalog at Owens CC).

In this course you'll gain critical content in chemistry and biology, explore modern techniques in the lab (e.g. DNA amplification and gel electrophoresis), examine ecology first-hand in the field (e.g. testing water quality), and bring your math and computer skills up to speed. Students selected for the bridge program will receive paid tuition and lab fees, as well as a $1000 stipend for their achievement in the SETGO Bridge.

The 2013 SETGO Bridge program will take place June 18th-July 12th, Tuesday through Friday each week with an orientation/kickoff event on June 14th at WWKnight Preserve in Perrysburg, Ohio. There are two sections of the course to help fit your schedule. A morning session from 10am-1pm, and an afternoon session from 2pm-5pm.


  • Be accepted at or considering Bowling Green State University or Owens Community College
  • Recommended (but not required) score of 22 on each of the three sections of the ACT, or 1000 on SAT, or COMPASS scores as follows: 77+ in Writing, 69+ in Reading, and 65+ in Mathematics
  • Current Owens students may be admitted with the recommendation of their science or math instructor
  • Planning on or currently majoring in math, computer science, and/or natural sciences
  • US citizens/permanent residents

To Apply:

  • Print and complete the SETGO Bridge application form.
  • Have all SETGO credentials, including application, 2 letters of reference on file at the SETGO office by May 15 by sending to the Program Manager, Liz Ross (328 Life Sciences, BGSU, Bowling Green, Ohio 43403).
  • First generation college students, underrepresented, and non-traditional students are strongly encouraged to apply.

SETGO Bridge Peer Mentor positions also available for undergrads...

  • You need to have a 3.0 GPA or better and a relatively good understanding of coursework covered which should be evident by transcripts and GPA
  • Work for the duration of the ORB program consists of assisting the instructors with set-up and student questions during the course, similar to a TA
  • Can be a flexible position providing up to 36 hours per week for 4 weeks at $8/hour
  • View Job Description
  • View and print Peer Mentor Application (also available from "Mentor Tools" page)

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