Vipaporn Phuntumart, Ph.D., Department of Biological Sciences

Vipaporn PhuntumartThe goal of my lab is to understand the molecular mechanisms of interaction between a host plant and plant pathogens. Students participating in this program will gain experience in both bioinformatics and lab research experiments. Currently I am advising two undergraduate students in the lab. Tomislav Ticak works on localization of a gene called pleiotropic drug resistance from Phytopthora sojae, using yeast as the expression vector. Matthew Lautenschlager works on the iron uptake system of P. sojae. Matthew has cloned a gene that is involved in these systems and is currently trying to identify the functional specificity of this gene. All students in my lab are encouraged to present their work at local as well as state-wide conferences.
129 Life Science

SETGO Summer Research

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