Peter V. Gorsevski, Ph.D., Geology Department

Opportunities to learn about and utilize advanced tools and techniques exist within our School of Earth, Environment and Society's state-of-the-art Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing laboratory. Individuals interested in using and applying these geospatial cutting-edge tools and technologies are encouraged to apply and get in touch with me. Some of the areas where I have applied such geospatial science tools include natural resources management, environmental decision problems, environmental impacts caused by human activities, and monitoring and mapping current conditions and stages of resources. Also among my immediate research goals are to tackle pressing issues such as wind energy projects that contribute to putting the 'green' in Bowling Green State University while enhancing the prosperity of Northwestern Ohio.

There are many other fields and disciplines that can benefit from these cutting-edge tools that are linked to high-tech jobs for new graduates. Please take the time to browse my web site and learn more about my projects and research endeavors.
190 Overman Hall

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