Helen J. Michaels

Helen J. MichaelsAt the start of my career, summer research experiences were responsible for helping me decide I wanted to be a scientist, so I am excited about SETGO providing these opportunities. Undergraduates from my lab have gone on to graduate degrees with me or at other institutions. Students currently working in my lab focus on understanding the forces that threaten rare communities (vernal pools, oak savanna) or species (lupines, Hawaiian geraniums, and orchids) in order to develop effective restoration, management or conservation strategies. Student projects involve studies of environmental factors and inter-specific interactions (light, nutrients, hydrology; plants and their symbionts, pollinators, and seed predators) and how these impact invasion, growth, and long-term persistence. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of projects, ranging from field and greenhouse experiments to surveys of genetic variation and species relationships using DNA markers.

330C Life Science Building

SETGO Summer Research

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