The Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (CURS) was established in 2004 to increase the visibility, prestige, and material support for participation in undergraduate research and creative activities, both for students and faculty.

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The mission of the Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship is to enhance undergraduate education through the intellectual stimulation of active student participation in meaningful research and creative activities in all fields of study. Through experiencing the processes of scholarly discovery and dissemination of their results, students become fully engaged members of our learning community.

The Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship brings together students, faculty, administrators, alumni, and members of the greater BG community to foster the research culture as an integral component of the learning through inquiry process for all undergraduates at BGSU.

More Than Research.

Participating in CURS events gives you discipline-specific skills that put you ahead of your peers.

Not sure how to find a mentor for your project? The friendly staff at CURS will help. Students from any discipline or field can apply for a CURS grant.

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