Community Living

Living on campus is a big part of your BGSU education. Living away from your family within a diverse community will allow you many opportunities for friendship, fun and personal growth. To foster a positive community environment, we expect each student to be sensitive and respectful of the rights and interests of others, be personally honest and never place another member of the BGSU community in jeopardy or at risk.

Within this Handbook are the rules and regulations that govern community living at BGSU. You will find everything from what kinds of appliances, lights and decorations you may have in your room to guest and safety policies. If you ever have a question about a policy or procedure, please do not hesitate to contact a residence hall staff member or the Office of Residence Life for assistance. Remember, we put students first.

Showing consideration for others and respect for University and personal property are the basic foundations of community living. The success of a residential community and the learning that takes place in this environment depend on the willingness of residents to accept responsibility for their behavior, decisions and actions as community members. Residents are expected to be aware of how their actions, whether written or spoken words, sounds, or public displays of visual material, may make a person or group feel harassed, intimidated, discriminated against, or in some way create a hostile or unwelcome living/learning environment.