Aug. 21-22 | New and Transfer Student Move-In

Aug. 24-25 | Returning Student Move-In

Move-In Times

New & Transfer Student Move-In Sign Up

Opens: Wednesday, May 20 | Closes: Thursday, Aug. 1

  • New and transfer students gain access to Move-In sign-up starting the week of May 20 and will be able to schedule their Move-In times right after they pick their room. 
  • New and transfer students living in Learning Communities will be able to pick their Move-In times during Learning Community selection, May 13-15.

Returning Student Move-In Sign Up

Opens: Tuesday, May 24  | Closes: Thursday, Aug. 1

Returning students will be able to start scheduling their Move-In Time based on their assigned residence hall.  

9 a.m. | Kreischer Ashley & Batchelder
1 p.m. | Kreischer Compton & Darrow

9 a.m. | Falcon Heights
1 p.m. | Founders Halls
3 p.m. | Greek Village

9 a.m. | McDonald Hall
11 a.m. | Offenhauer East
1 p.m. | Offenhauer West

Before you arrive on campus, make sure you have done the following:

  • Save your Move-In ticket code to your phone OR print a copy and bring it with you on your Move-In day.
  • Review your Move-In packet, which has detailed information on what you can expect for Move-In, including how to navigate our campus on these days.

IMPORTANT: Your Move-In ticket is how you will check in at the tent once you get to campus. Not bringing your Move-In ticket will delay your move into your room.  

How do I find your Move-In Ticket?
Available Friday, Aug. 9, you can find your Move-In ticket in your Housing Portal by clicking the "Move-In Ticket and Packet" button

Don't Forget!

  • You will have until Aug. 1 to sign up for a Move-In Time.
    • If you do not have a Move-In Time by the deadline, you are not cleared to move on campus. You will need to call 419-372-2011 after the deadline to schedule your appointment.
  • Make sure your bill is paid in full. You will not be able to check in until you have been cleared by the Office of the Bursar.
  • To provide a smooth and timely Move-In for each student, we limit the number of individuals who will be moving in each hour. You are required to adhere to your Move-In Time.
  • If you do not remember your Move-In Time, you will be able to find it on the right hand side of your Housing Portal homepage.
  • It is VERY important you don't overpack. You can bring two vehicles with you, but don't bring more than what can fit into a compact car.

Arriving On Campus Check-In Process

If you arrive to campus on Aug. 21-22 (new students) or Aug. 24-25 (returning students), DO NOT go straight to your residence hall. You MUST go through the drive-thru check-in process first.

  • Enter Bowling Green from I-75 and head West on Wooster Street toward campus and follow the signs to the drive-thru check-in parking lot at the Stroh Center.
  • When you arrive on campus, make sure your vehicle sign is filled out and placed on your windshield.
  • You will be expected at the Stroh within your Move-In Time window. Example: If your Move-In Time is at noon, you should arrive between 12-1 p.m.
  • No one should get out of the vehicle during check-in. Check-in will be easier if the student is sitting in the driver seat or front passenger seat.
  • Have your BG1 Card, or photo ID if you don't have one, ready to show at check-in.
  • When you enter the parking lot, you will be directed to the check-in tent.
    • Vehicles that will be going through the check-in process must be no higher than 7 feet high.
    • Vehicles higher than this height will be directed to an adjacent lot until the student in the check-in vehicle has completed their check-in.   
  • Show either your digital or printout Move-in Ticket we will need the QR code.
  • At the tent, a Student Housing staff member will ask to see your BG1 card (or photo ID) and Move-In Ticket.
    REMEMBER: Do not get out of your car.
  • Once we have confirmed you have been cleared to move-in, we will check you in and give you the following:
    • Room Key(s)
    • Driving map and will go over unloading zone & long-term parking information
  • After our staff has answered any questions you may have, you will be released to your residence hall.
Stroh Center Drone


Aug 21-22 and 24-25
Stroh Center Parking Lot
1535 E. Wooster St., Bowling Green, OH 43403


Residence Hall Arrival

  • When you arrive at your residence hall, you will have 15 minutes to unload the vehicle and move it to long-term parking (Lots R, 5 & 12)
  • Once your vehicle has been checked in, you can grab a Move-In box or use your own to unload your vehicle. Make sure one person stays with your vehicle at all times while unloading.
  • After 15 minutes, please move your vehicle to long-term parking.
    If you are keeping a vehicle on campus, you will need to leave your car in Lot 12 after you move-in, which is the residential student parking lot. 
  • Once you are in your room, inspect your room and fill out the Room Inspection Form.

Late & Early Arrivals

If you arrive late for your check-in time, don’t worry, when you arrive at the Stroh Center a staff member will be able to help you. There is NO NEED to call our office if you are late.

If you arrive before Move-In begins for the day, we ask that you wait to pull into the Stroh Center parking lot until your time to check-in.

If you arrive after Move-In has ended for the day, you will need to go to your residence hall and check-in at the front desk.

Updated: 03/28/2024 12:14PM