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Academic Progress Reporting - Midterm Grade Reporting

Students benefit from two types of academic progress reporting at BGSU. The first type is the Early Alert initiative, which takes place during the first few weeks of the semester and helps keep students on track. The second type of reporting is midterm grades, which help students assess where they stand halfway into the semester.

Early Alerts

Early Alerts take place during the first 2-4 weeks of fall and spring semester.

Midterm Grading (through the Faculty Center)

  • Takes place during the 7-10 weeks of the fall and spring semesters.
  • Instructors will be provided online mid-term grade rosters through the Faculty Center. Instructors will be able to post mid-term grades beginning the seventh week of classes through the ninth week of classes.
  • Students will have access to view Midterm Grades through their MyBGSU Student Center. To see how, follow this link: Student Access to Midterm Grades
  • Midterm Grades Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Questions regarding Midterm Grading may be directed to

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